what i had for lunch

Monday, September 22, 2003

i did not have time to post on thursday (pizza brought in because of the hurricane and because i was in a meeting/staff input session- i had slice of each: pineapple and bacon, cheese and pepperoni) or friday (panera brought lunch to everyone in our office for free- i had a tuna salad sandwich, chips and a cookie). if you were counting, that means i had lunch provided for me on wed, thurs, and fri of last week.

today i forgot my lunch so i went out with my co-workers. we tried to get indian food but went to 3 indian restaurants that were closed on mondays. we ended up going to a japanese place, 4 out of 5 of us ordered the same thing. i think it was called kudon. its rice, with onions, pork cutlet, eggs and japanese gravy- all baked together. it was good. i made one co-worker self conscious because he always says, "how does it taste" instead of "is that good" or something more normal. i have never heard anyone use the word taste as much as he does. he is afraid to comment now. whoops. so, i guess i had my foot for lunch too.

also, when i ordered, i asked for some water in my lemon instead of the other way around. the 4 boys that i went to lunch with were pretty happy about that.

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