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Thursday, October 16, 2003

i almost drive teds f-150 truck to work. he is picking up my sister at the airport and driving her to charlotte and he was going to take my car cause the gas is so much cheaper. i was THRILLED with the idea of taking his truck to work today because of what you are about to read:

the state fair opens tomorrow and goes until the 26th. the day before the state fair opens (today) you can go to the fairgrounds, get in for free and eat all the fair food. they do this so that people can come and judge the concessions for the best of. you have to pay for the food, but its cool cause you get to walk around and see all the new sites for the year and eat all the delicious food. you can not ride the rides though. my work is beside the fair grounds so all of us have been planning to go together. i roped elizabeth into going because i knew she would LOVE the idea of going to the fair for free. with ted's truck, i was gonna haul everyone in the back. i ended up not getting the truck cause he did not have time to bring it over before picking up my sister, but i did get to wear his f-150 belt buckle to work today. it looks fabulous with my tuxedo shirt that i was going to take back.

we had a blast at the fair: best part: seeing one of my co-workers in running clothes jogging through the fair as elizabeth and i stuffed our faces

worst part: seeing this guy that i have seen around raleigh a few times before. he seems really, really nice. his face is burnt pretty badly and it looks like it is melting. i feel sorry for him. he seems to be happy though, which makes me happy.

elizabeth and i rode separately from my co-workers. none of them are back yet. elizabeth'll blog about what we ate. i already have heartburn.

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