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Thursday, November 13, 2003

man they love fried food in the south. yesterday ted and i went to lunch at sushi thai. i had the green thai curry with tofu, ted had $21 worth of sushi. when we were leaving we saw that they had tempura cheesecake. i am sure i will end up trying it the next time i go.

today all my work friends and i went out to the draft house in cameron village. we had fried pickle chips. can you imagine frying a pickle? they were good, but whoa, its like going to the fair all over again. for my lunch i had a side salad and a chicken sandwich with swiss, saurkraut and i guess 1000 island. it was like a chicken reuban.

tomorrow i will be having what i brought for lunch today. (they enticed me with fried pickles so i abandoned my lunch). last night we went to maggianos, little italy. its basically the perfect embodiment of the evil italian restaurant in big night. its an italian restaurant at the streets of southpoint mall, which is a mall made to look like a fake downtown. we had the family style dinner for two. it was more food than i have ever seen in my life. we had Calamari Fritte and Homemade Thin Crust Pizza, Sausage & Fontina Cheese for an appetizer, Caesar and Maggiano's (which had a light dressing, bleu cheese, bacon, onions and lettuce) salad for salads. Linguine, Chicken, Pesto Pine Nuts and Spaghetti with a giant Meatball for pasta. Chicken Parmesan and Chicken Florentine for dinner. Chocolate Zuccotto Cake and Vera's Lemon Cookies for dessert. we had so much food to bring home that we have enough for 4 more meals (at least). and it was only $22.95 a piece. it was so much food!! i have a tiny bit of all of it except for the calamari and the salads for lunch. we did not bring home those things cause we decided it would be nasty. it was pretty good.

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