what i had for lunch

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

today we went out to lunch together to celebrate because one of our co-workers is getting married on saturday. she is coincidentaly the co-worker that went to high school with me, but she is three years older than me. i was a freshman when she was a senior. we went to 518 West. i had The Crab - Red pepper papardelle pasta sauteed w/ bacon, mushrooms, scallions & dill cream. Topped w/ fresh crab meat & romano. it was good. i ate two pieces of foccacia bread. everyone else ate 1. i knew i was being a pig, but i have pretty good table manners so i thought i could get away with it. next time i will only eat one. i rode to the lunch in this womans cadillac and it was nice, but the back door handle was broken and i had to rely on others to let me out. that kinda stuff always makes me nervous. i hate riding in the back seat of a two seater for the same reason.

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