what i had for lunch

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

i went to subconscious and had a veggie max and cheese fries. it was grand.

yesterday we went to the southend brewery. my lunch was pretty great, i had the tuna steak sandwich, but everyone that got a burger had the most well done tasteless burger they have ever had. they did not even ask them how they wanted them cooked, they just burned them to a crisp. we ended up taking a 2.5 hour lunch because the service was so bad. i was putting mine on my american express, so were 2 others and that ended up holding up about 7 people an extra half an hour because the machine was running slow on american express. everyone else that paid with cash or another charge card ended up only taking a 2 hour lunch. in the end, the big boss went over and paid for mine and the other american express card holder so that we could get out of there faster. he would not take money from me today, so i am pretty sure i owe him in a mafia kinda way.

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