what i had for lunch

Thursday, September 30, 2004

i dont really like rice. i think it is filler and kinda gross. i only like it if it is swimming in sauce. but not some sick sweet sauce that tastes like ketchup- usually something curry based or cocnut milk based. because of this, i have never really like chinese food. i love egg rolls and i crave sesame chicken at times, but overall, don't really like it that much. plus i have really been off chinese food since checy ate the cigarette butt and i got the hep scare after eating at a place in durham. despite all of these obstacles, my co-workers convinced me that going to Mama Fu's for lunch was a good idea. they got me on the japanese and thai element.

the second we walked in i realized it was a huge mistake. it's Moe's Southwest Grill, but aisian themed. the cups were the same. the layout was the same, the signs were almost exactly alike and they even said "welcome to mama's" like they say "welcome to moe's." consumers are smarter than people think. we don't like thinly veiled reproductions of the same restaurant.

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