what i had for lunch

Thursday, October 14, 2004

mary ellen and i went to the fair for lunch today with a bunch of my co-workers. i had a philly cheesesteak and mary ellen and i shared a funnel cake with powdered sugar on it. mary ellen had a corn dog with mustard. the funnel cake was delish, but i am a little disappointed about the steak and cheese. i don't really know what i was thinking when i got that. i should have just stuck with a barbecue sandwich and/or a ham bisuit. that's what i really wanted.

last year we had a lot of exciting moments, like we saw one of my co-workers running at the fair. this year mary ellen and i almost knocked a clown head off the trashcan and when we were ordering our food with my friend sb, the guy serving the food said, "you really look like clay aiken." he really does look like him- but sb is cuter than clay. we joked that he should have a booth where he give autographs and lets people take his picture (he would, of course, advertise himself as a clay aiken look-a-like, nothing more).

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