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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

yesterday and today i brought my lunch. i had the same thing both days. pasta with yellow pepper, red pepper, green pepper, onions and smart ground. to answer any of your questions that might duplicate the questions i got from co-workers:

1. i made it
2. it is good
3. there are 3 peppers
4. it is made with smart ground- which is vegetarian
5. no, veggie smart ground is not turkey
6. no, i am not a vegetarian
7. i eat meat, i just eat meat replacements sometimes
8. yes, i eat chicken, i eat meat!

most of these questions were paired. like the same person i told i made it with veggie smart ground then followed up with whether or not it was turkey.

today i was dreading eating it because of all the questions i got on monday. luckily one of my co-workers had something that was green that took the focus off what i was eating. everyone hated what he had. we both decided that we are going to put little signs up that answer the following questions.

1. homemade/ store bought/ left overs
2. if purchased, where
3. ingredients
4. whether or not it was good

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