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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

yesterday i went to sushi thai with my coworkers. i had to take some clothes to the dry cleaners so i made them all walk with me to the dry cleaners in the shopping center. as we were passing another one of the restaurants we saw the cfo of our company in a restaurant. one of my coworkers said "hey isn't that d.?" and just as if to confirm what we already knew the loudspeaker said "d. your order is up." sadly, it was pretty exciting for us all.

i had the pork pad thai. you get soup and a spring roll with your lunch. you can get salad instead of soup but the server did not give us the option and mentioned nothing about either app. so from the second the server left i was convinced we were going to get screwed. when the soup came i was 50% relieved (i like the soup better than the salad anyways), but when our food came and we had recieved no spring roll i was in full panic mode. luckily he brought it to us after we had been eating for a couple of minutes. i think the 4 of us were ready to riot.

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