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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Today megan and elizabeth and i went to the NC MUseum of Art to see the Matisse, Picasso and the School of Paris exhibit. while we were there we ran into my aunt ginny. which was funny cause she lives 2 hours away in winston-salem.

afterwards we went to wendy's to have lunch. megan and elizabeth both had the taco salad, but since megan is a veggie, i ate her chili. for my sandwhich i had a freschetta sandwich- which is not even on their Web site. my sandwhich was on ciabatta and had basil pesto mayo, turkey and red peppers. it also had lettuce. it was actually pretty darn good.

there was a customer there that looked like a cross between bob camicia and ken fowler. megan and i loved looking at him because of this combination and because he seemed to be very kind. he was smiling the whole time he was eating his lunch - which was really nice. then we were astonished when he got up and left his tray and trash on the table.


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