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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

sb and i went to cafe carolina for lunch today. this is one of my very favorite restaurants in the triangle. i love the pulled pork panini, i love the blue cupcakes, i love that the give cheese and pepper kabobs with some of the salads, i love the mango iced tea (unsweetened). i have recommended it to people and i frequently take people there when i meet someone for lunch or have to have a working meeting with someone.

today i got the half turkey sandwich, pretzles and a side salad. they no longer have the mango tea, so i got the regular unsweetened tea (this was a BIG disappointment). sb got the beef pot pie.

when i got my food the salad was ceasar instead of house. sb's looked only okay. i ate every bit of my salad and started to move on to my sandwich. at this point sb said that he was going to have to have a second lunch cause his was unsatisfying. sadly my the turkey on my sandwich was pretty much frozen when i took my first bite.

i made sb touch it, then i made him try it and he agreed it seemed frozen. we debated about whether or not i should complain and he got me with "they would want to know, you are helping them out in the long run." plus i had already eaten my whole salad which should have given it time to defrost.

so i went and complained. and the manager said that the reason it was frozen was because the turkey comes frozen and they just got new freezers. he didn;t offer me a new sandwich so i asked him if i could have another one. he asked me if i wanted ham and i said i would rather have chicken salad or tuna salad (the other options with the half sandwich meal).

so he then gives me a bowl of the chicken salad (but i had a sandwich). when i ask him if he wants my old sandwich (to throw it away), he says, no keep it, you can make your sandwich with the bread.

why would i want to use old bread that has been next to frozen meat?

so when i show back up at the table with my bowl of chicken salad, sb says "what is that? why do you have that?" when i explained the story, he said, "that's it- we are leaving. where do you want to go for lunch now."

so we left and went to qdoba. the other suggestion we had considered before we chose cafe carolina. for second lunch i had a steak quesadilla. sb had tortilla soup.

we did all of this in one hour.

my comments on the customer service: he should have taken my sandwich away immediately and then made me a sandwich of whatever i wanted. that would have been good customer service. the explanation was okay, but i didn;t really need it, i just wanted a lunch a could enjoy.

i will go back to cafe carolina again, but probably not as frequently and i probably won't chose anything but pulled pork panini again.

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