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Friday, April 15, 2005

Wells fargo cafeteria with the same salad destination as yesterday. Checked out the hot food stand and it was breaded, but baked chicken w/sides and also a baked potato bar. (The baked potato bar has become so all-encompassing, you can even get fajita chicken on it now.) The fasting girl from yesterday insisted I try her biscuits, which had cheese, jalapenos and pineapples baked inside. This is where I got off the salad track.

We started to blab, and she insisted I buy a biscuit, even if I went with the salad over the chicken. I tried to tell her that for me, it was all or nothing, off/on, virgin/whore, life or death. There could be no salad with a biscuit. So I got everything. And it all hurt to eat because my teeth are falling out of my head.

Total cost: $5.25

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