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Monday, April 04, 2005

went to babymoon cafe for lunch today. got the eggplant sandwich. 2 of my other co-workers got the same thing (sb and jg- jg is a freelancer and does not work with us that often).

i foolishly ate the piece of cooked cheese off the end of my sandwich first. as soon as i did it, i realized i ate the best part of my sandwich first.

so i turned to the co-worker (jg) that had a delicious bite just like mine and said: "i don't mean for this to sound creepy, but i want to watch you eat that bite."

there is no way that that can NOT sound creepy. and this was the second time i have ever spoken to him. and everyone heard. and they all agreed. i am a total creep.

but, the flip side is this: he let me and everyone else at the table know when he got to the bite. he saved it for last and he admitted it was the very bext part of the sandwich.

sometimes you can't take back the things you say, no matter how hard you want to.

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