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Thursday, June 09, 2005

yesterday i had a delicious lunch meeting. we had turkey sandwiches but the potato salad was alomst as good as elizabeths and the there was a mayo/mustard/garlic sauce that was served with it- it had the consistancy of mayo and was delicious. we also had a pyramid of chocolate mousse that went with it.

for whatever reason, i was STARVING when this lunch came and lost all manners. even though it was a work meeting. even though i am a fatty. these types of things generally prevent me from scarfing down my food in a major way.

i ate every bit of my food. even the starfruit garish. well, i did leave the edible orchid that was on my plate. but that was only because everyone made a big deal about how it was edible and the only way they knew it was edible was cause the MADE someone eat it the last time they had this lunch.

if they had not made such a big deal about it, i would have eaten the orchid too.

today megan and i went out to lunch cause we had to buy stuff for the jewelry for molly's wedding. we went to the rockford. we shared a side of marinated mushrooms. i had the chicken and prociutto sandwich with spicy, spicy mustard and a side of potato salad (not as good as yesterday's or elizabeths). megan had the pasta salad and a veggie sandwich that looked delicious but she was too busy eating it to share (just kidding).

megan gave me a zucchini from her garden that is at least a foot long and probably 3 inches tall. it is obscene.

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