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Friday, August 29, 2003

oh my gosh! one of y'all has an employee lunch cart!?!?! utz chips are the best. i especially like the salt and vinegar ones. i ate leftovers from the wine tasting yesterday.... brie on bread and some water.
i'm new to this blog thing, so hi everybody. i had a boring salad but i got the most delicious, buttery roll to go with it. i wish i had gotten a butter packet while in the cafeteria so i could have made the roll fattening and bad for me to counteract the salad. oh well, there's always next time...
I had a roast beef sandwich on rye from the employee cart today. I actually bought a soda, too, which I never do, but I wanted caffeine and its too freakin' hot for coffee. Unfortunately, I just realized I bought caffeine free coke...bummer.
I will be asleep at my desk any moment now.
Noah kindly made a lunch: Turkey, bacon, cheese, tomato sandwhich on wheat; an apricot (i think thats what it is called. i think ive only had it in fruit salad before. it looks like a red plum, but has orange flesh and is harder inside. i know im an idiot for not knowing this.); and utz salt and pepper potato chips. for some reason the chips are not listed on their webpage, and they are by far the best chips out there. i will probably have a mini-snickers or kit-kat to wash away this salty lunch.
i have the same lunch today that i had yesterday. broccoli and tuna noodle. i can't wait until this pan is done. only one serving left!!!
Scrapped the fruit cup idea. Cheeseburger, hot dog with the works, fries and coke. It was 97 F here, so I ate half of everything and tossed the rest (almost tossed the half I ate). Lukey poo joined me from a film shoot in Lincoln County for a training film at a steak house, somethin about safety with over 100 shots in 1 1/2 days, while the placed stayed open. They were shooting in a kitchen during a shift. Cheap bastards wouldn't shut down for a day to have a private set. Real safe, huh?

Thursday, August 28, 2003

I had a late lunch at chipolte. athey don't have any in NC yet but they do have about three of them in Atlanta. Anyway, I had a naked burrito (the ingredients of a burrito in a bowl instead of a tortilla). The guy working the register gave me a free drink because I eat there about once a week.
I misspelled despise.
Today, the owners bought food and brought it into work for everyone to eat because we have a wine tasting this afternoon. I dispise the owners so much, I couldn't even go into the kitchen to even see what food they brought in. If I had to go into the kitchen, I would've had to look at them all. But someone else brought in some marble pound cake from Guglhuph before lunch and I had a piece.
Damn. This is my second attempt to post. I ate at Lenoir on the UNC Campus today for the first time since I was an undergrad. I had a Southwest chicken wrap. The wrap was green from spinach. I think I should take my lunch to school.
thanks to the wheel o' lunch, i had barbecue chicken (dark meat), fried squash (i wanted regular, but they had that yesterday not today), sliced tomatoes, cornbread, two bites of a biscuit, and a piece of lemon cake.

Okay, anyone who wants to invite anyone else is welcomed to do so. I have made everyone an administrator, so they can go in to settings and invite people. Also, whoever wants to change the template, or figure out where to put links in case anyone wants to link back to personal blogs, be my guest. i dont feel like fooling with it right now. Also, if for some reason the team blog isnt working for you, and you would like to participate, you can leave your posting within someone's comments. If they are working, that is.
I have to warn everyone that I'm on a diet and I have no $$, so my lunch postings may be kind of boring. I had wow tortilla chips and salsa earlier and now I'm eating pita bread with hummus, sprouts, cucumbers and carrots.
getting ready to go eat my lunch now. again i have tuna noodle, but i kicked it up a notch today and also brought broccoli.

also, for anyone that lives in the raleigh area. we have this thing at my work called the wheel of lunch. its a little electronic wheel, like the wheel of fortune, that runs on a database and you can spin it and decide where to go to lunch. you can even choose places by the type of food you want and/or whether or not you are drinking. you can't see it from outside of our company, but today i spun it a couple of times for miss elizabeth b and that was how she decided where she went for lunch.
Seasame chicken, egg roll. Tune noodle is a good band name. Most likely, it will be fruit cup and capri sun for today.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

tuna noodle doesnt sound nasty to me. in fact, i dont like tuna fish, but was thinking that the name tuna noodle sounded so good that i wanted to try some. but i won't. i left my supper from last night on the stove all night so i couldnt eat it for lunch today. i was sad and it was just saffron rice and black beans.
i do that too! lasagna always gets me because it is so many servings. if you are the only one eating it, you have to eat it 8 times. that gets kinda hard. this tuna noodle is going to be the same way, same size pan.

does anyone else think the name tuna noodle is nasty? i hate the word tuna. i hate it worse when people say tuna fish. gross.
I went home for lunch and had lasagna. I've had it for the least three meals. I think after having it for dinner tonight I'll actually start to tire of it.
i had a fun size snickers bar for lunch.
I had some hummus on pita bread and a salad.
i dont know why the comments aren't working, but i will work on them tonight. If anyone else would like to join, let me know. for now, I guess if you want to comment just post again or something.
today i had this amy's pasta bowl. all of amys shit is kind of good but then has gross burps. i also had a luna bar. this is my idea of healthy.
From Snoopy's I got a chili dog with mustard onions and slaw on a steamed bun with onion rings. I ate too much and have really bad breath now.
today i had tuna noodle casserole. i am still hungry.


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