what i had for lunch

Friday, December 19, 2008

I just went to Rue Cler and the the woman in the bakery convinced me to buy a cookie. The dim lighting in there didn't allow me to see how burnt the cookie was. All I can taste is the burnt cookie. I can't even taste the chocolate chips.

But the Diet Coke taste great!

N & I went to the local Mexican place where I had the cheapest combo - the chicken enchilada and chicken taco with rice, and then tried to talk about budgeting without arguing. Fun!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

POST 666!

I took the staff out for a holiday lunch, and I had an open faced portabella/blue cheese sandwich (sans the bread) with a side salad. A sign I felt like it was a special occasion: I ordered coffee after the meal.
In highschool my friend Scott and I used to go to this fancy-ish (fake fancy really)restaurant very much favoured by old people. I still think this restaurant is terrific.

Scott is in town so we went there for lunch. They changed the format of their rolls, and now they're cheddar herb biscuits. We both had the cobb salad. I ALWAYS get the cobb salad. I intended to branch out but I just love that damn thing.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today was two satisfying trips to the buffet at Baba Gannouj. Love me some gyro kebob floating on a sea of hummus.

Yesterday I tried to order only two tacos because I had a pork chop and sausage gravy buscuit for breakfast. Sadly they brought out the wrong type of taco initially so I ended up with four. I was able to give one away.
Today I went with my friend Mary Allison to this new Mexican place. It's really filling the gap that Don Pablo's left. Meaning it's gross in an appealing way. I had the taco salad and ordered queso. Which was akin to a pile of cream of chicken soup sort of. It was quite sick. In a good way.

Today is the same leftovers of rice/stir fry, but there aren't that many veggies left. Today's cantaloupe has cayenne pepper and lime juice on it, which is kind of fake-y locopops flavoring. and salt and malt vinegar potato chips. I'm pre-eating before I have to go to a lunch meeting where I can't eat anything.
No photo, but today for lunch I had a Biscuitville bacon, egg and cheese biscuit combo with hash browns and a diet Pepsi. I also ate what they refer to as a honey bun.

The diet Pepsi was the best. I am in love with diet sodas right now.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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I didn't realize how many nuts were in this dish until I started typing this.
Upper right are leftovers from dinner last night, stir fry with zucchini & mushrooms. I broke down and bought the GIANT bag of rice, so I might be eating rice from here to kingdom come. Lower right are cantaloupes, on sale at ht until tomorrow. Lower left is celery & pb b/c I'm a child about celery and can't seem to eat it plain. Upper left are roasted, salted pecans that my mom made; buckeyes that my sister and dad made with special dark chocolate, and raisins & craisins.

Monday, December 08, 2008


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Brunswick stew that I made. BBQ & slaw from Smithfield's, while not the best, definitely just fine. And, they are open on Sundays. Noah kindly put the slaw in a separate container so that I could microwave the rest and not melt the slaw.