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Thursday, September 30, 2004

i dont really like rice. i think it is filler and kinda gross. i only like it if it is swimming in sauce. but not some sick sweet sauce that tastes like ketchup- usually something curry based or cocnut milk based. because of this, i have never really like chinese food. i love egg rolls and i crave sesame chicken at times, but overall, don't really like it that much. plus i have really been off chinese food since checy ate the cigarette butt and i got the hep scare after eating at a place in durham. despite all of these obstacles, my co-workers convinced me that going to Mama Fu's for lunch was a good idea. they got me on the japanese and thai element.

the second we walked in i realized it was a huge mistake. it's Moe's Southwest Grill, but aisian themed. the cups were the same. the layout was the same, the signs were almost exactly alike and they even said "welcome to mama's" like they say "welcome to moe's." consumers are smarter than people think. we don't like thinly veiled reproductions of the same restaurant.
theres this little hole-in-the-wall luncheonette right down from where i work. its been there forever and its stupid cheap and its kind of sick and kind of delicious. thursday is beef tips day. my co worker is always making this big deal about them but most thursdays we're too late and they sell out.

finally i got beef tips today. they came over rice with gravy and i got pickled beets and a salad that was swimming in ranch ( in the good way)... also two biscuits. one was great and one was shitty.
today was a tokyo joe's day mostly because i wasn't feeling anything else.

so i had the regular chicken bowl with brown rice and veggies, and drizzled with spicy-aki sauce. mountain dew for the beverage. and of course eaten with chop-sticks while listening to jim rome in my truck.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Due to emergencies, today I had a couple of hot dogs with the works
I went to lunch with Ginni and her office again. I almost feel as if I work at her office since I talk to her coworkers more than mine. We went to neomonde. I got the samplet platter with chickpea salad, potato salad, pasta salad, and stuffed grape leaves. I ate a nutrageous back at the office b/c i was jealous of everyones baklava.

Monday, September 27, 2004

On Saturday Sally, Se, and Noah came into Asheville for a wedding. We went to the Greek Festival downtown. ( Also with us were MP and Ellen)... SE tried to get souvalki and ended up with this gyro and was super pissed about it. I think Noah ate the wrapper.

I had spanokopita and meatballs and Noah and me had struck up a Dolmades deal, so my lunch turned out fantastic.

Later I had baklava for the first time since i was a kid. I think its only ok.

Friday, September 24, 2004

megan and i were supposed to meet ted and ginni for lunch, but then ted bailed on us for some monkeys. somehow Hooters became the restaraunt of choice. When Ginni's coworkers realized where she was going they all tagged along. We had to wait a LOOONNNG time. It felt kind of ridiculous to wait 30 minutes for hooters. Apparently our waitress was really dumb, or really new. I couldn't hear that well, and just quit trying. Everyone kind of got mesmerized by the atmosphere, and everyone watched their own personal flat screen tv showing sportscenter and poker.
It took forever, and we ended up taking a two hour lunch. then our boss showed up, and was eating by himself so megan sent him over an Icehouse.

I had the flappertizer, a side salad, and baked beans. and ginni's coworker's leftover cold fry ends.

I feel totally barfy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

good ole american fries and hamburger. the guy beind the counter drew a happy face with with katchup on my tray.
i met with a new contact for one of my accounts. it was a pretty good time. she smokes alot. i had chili and a house salad. this place has great ranch... and the chili came with those really good super thin corn chips.

just now i had to go to cookies by design for one of those millionaire cookies. most depressingly they were out. but they have good pnut butter cookies. they have reeses cup peices in them.
I was banking on leftovers for lunch today, but noah ate more than I was expecting. Instead I went to the buffet at India Palace II located in a weird shopping center in a gas station parking lot. It was fabulous. I decided that eating by yourself at a buffet is perfect, b/c even if you are with someone, inevitable your timing for refills gets off, and you're never sitting at the table at the same time anyway.

Friday, September 17, 2004

since its flooding here the call center has been totally overrun with calls. my mom was going to do this catering so she sent all the stuff here. we had this big spread of dill rolls and boiled shrimp and ham and baby carrot cakes. she even sent me the cocktail sauce stuff.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I just got back from eating a Bridge Hampton sandwhich from Gandolfo's. It wasn't enough so I had to eat two.
someone recently emailed The Lunch Blog with their lunch:

From : James
Sent : Friday, August 27, 2004 4:45 PM
To :
Subject : lunch

i had a meditteranean bagel sandwich from my favorite muffin. it gave me onion breath because red onions are included. and while delicious, red onions give you bad breath.

included in the value meal is your choice of muffin. i chose the cherry cheesecake muffin and saved it for last because it's that good.


Friday, September 10, 2004

We had a meeting and had pizza from papa johns. also, brueggers for breakfast at work for some guys last day.

wheaty wheaty wheaty.
We had a meeting and had pizza from papa johns. also, brueggers for breakfast at work for some guys last day.

wheaty wheaty wheaty.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

i just went to my parents for lunch. they had lots of lake leftovers. i mainly had a ham and swiss sandwich and bleu cheese and crackers. my mom said my shirt looks disgusting and now im so self conscious.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

im so tired and i had to go to office depot to get this manager a printer toner cartridge. i was so starving and bk was right there. i got back and wolfed down a whopper at unbelievable speed. now my coworker is complaining that is smells oniony and like HotDog King in here.


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