what i had for lunch

Thursday, August 11, 2005

it's hard to find an italian beef sandwhich in colorado. i know of two places that actually have them on the menu. today i went to one of them. it was hard to call it authentic cause when i asked for it "wet and spicy" the man behind the counter had no idea what i was talking about. just the same, the sandwhich was pretty good. the i-beef was well "marianated" and the peppers had some kick. i'd try it again just to make sure i really enjoyed the sandwhich and not the novelty of an italian beef in colorado.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

today is one of those few days that subway got it right: fresh bread, crisp and plentiful veggies, just the right amount of spicy mustard, you get the picture.

i got the usual: 6" italian b.m.t. on parmesan oregano bread, with provolone cheese, all veggies except pickles and banana peppers, one line of spicy mustard. sun chips and diet coke.

one of my new york city lunches was actually a 4 pm brunch because we slept in until 2 or something. the place was fucking awesome for brunch: they give you a choice of like 15 brunch menu items, plus four alcoholic beverages - choice of mimosa, straight champagne, bloody mary, or margarita. all this for $14.95! needless to say we got a little buzzed and then proceeded to stop at a bar on the way home for happy-hour peebers. this was on sunday i think.