what i had for lunch

Saturday, November 29, 2003

today i had a mushroom swiss and onion burger from a new place here in town. i was really good and esonably priced to boot.

here is another wonderful blog all about food: food is my life

Friday, November 28, 2003

my mom made me homemade chicken soup. it's a special kind that she makes and it's wonderful. don't tell her i put tobasco in it though.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Pad Thai Pad Thai Pad Thai!!!!!!!!
they had tgiving lunch at the printing company. i went over for lasagna and salad. yum. there was also cheesecake.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

i had fajitas again today (naked). i've been cooking a lot of dinners but havn't been eating the leftovers for lunch. only for dinner. which is ok. i won't have any thanksgiving leftovers till late next week.
i went to best buy at lunch today. i wanted to get this little harddrive to solve my FTPing problems. its so tiny. it is smaller than a pack of gum. ( the fiver). then since i was all the way down there i couldnt resist and got chick fil a. before i went a couple of weeks ago i hadnt eaten chick fil a in years. suddenly im crazy for the place. altho my sandwich today had a few problems and i think im cured for awhile.

Monday, November 24, 2003

i had another rb & brie sandwich, my fourth. noah ate one and milton ate one, completing the six I made last week in an attempt to mass cook. I also had leftover snack mix we created to take bowling yesterday of chocolate pieces, raisins, mixed nuts and pretzels.
i just made myself a kick ass salad. red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, mushrooms, grated cheddar cheese and teriyaki chicken tenders grilled on my george foreman grill. i made an asian inspired dressing with sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and some ginger and garlic. delish. i served it with a heaping side of "growing pains" reruns.
i have had a really wierd lunch. this woman brought in an apple/ caramel dip tray and a crudite tray. so ive eaten my wieght in apples and carrots. then i went to my parents to FTP these pictures ( it was unsuccessful b/c of fucking AOL) and had some pate and crackers and a little bit of this greek wrap and a little bit of a bourbon pecan bar.

Friday, November 21, 2003

today i went to my favorite sandwhich shop and got the El Buey. spicy with jalopenos. very very tasty.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

i went to the pressed sandwhich place that i usually goto but it had changed. now its just a regular deli sandwhich place called "the sandwhich board". i was too busy ogling over the salad bar to realize the menu had changed. so i quickly just ordered a reuban sandwhick on marble rye. it was ok but i ate it in about four bites and it cost me six dollars. this is the last time i go there.
i was the only one at the museum and i brought soup but the microwave was broken so I only ate the pretzels i brought and leftover popcorn from this weekends casablanca showing. it sucked. I dont know the protocal yet about leaving if you are the only one there. i havent seen a "back in 5 minutes!" sign yet.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Last year my dad and step mom got me all these packets of soup that you can make at home. They're really into soup, I don't know why. They have the dried ingredients and spices with a recipe about how to make them. Well, I was really excited about the red beans and rice package and I made it last night. I went and got some smoked sausage and green pepper, etc. to put in there, just like the recipe says. I made a gignatic soup pot filled with this stuff. And guess what - it kind of sucks. So now I have to eat it for a week for lunch and dinner because I'm broke. Word to the wise, say no to the soup packets or at least don't follow their frickin' recipe.
i had a bit of a nervous stomach from watching the stock market all afternoon so i just wen and got the hummus and feta begal from einsteins. i got the potato salad side and a coke too.
i was supposed to have lunch with stalker eliz today. i didnt know if she'd show cos she bailed yesterday. so i was talking to FN in front of his work and SE found me there. I think she thinks i was throwing her over for FN but i wasnt ... it was just a coincidence that he we were talking and he ended up joining us.

we went to an old place with new owners. our waiter was my ex-extremely-loud-upstairs-neighbour. i hope he didnt spit in my food.

i had this great grilled chicken salad with creamy dill dressing. SE had bbq ( as usual) and the FN had a reuben. later when i tried to cash in on SE's pickle she told me that she only got a sandwich for the pickle. i only got the salad for the dill dressing.
i brought some dried pineapple from the co-op today. i can never seem to think about lunch early in the morning before work, so i never end up packing anything. i am so strapped for cash that i can never go out for lunch. sometimes the warehouse guys make stuff in the kitchen and give me their scraps... but not regulary. and besides, they are always making some sort of mystery meat concoction from meat that some relative killed in the woods behind their house or something. sometimes they don't even know what meat they are eating. grody.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I had a PB&J, and an apple. Now all I need is a glass of milk!

That salad story was gross, especially the grinning into the salad bowl part. Reminds me of the skinny girl in wilmington who only bought cole slaw from the bbq place you used to work at.
across the table from me at the dining hall where i ate lunch this girl took a side salad and removed all of the lettuce and shredded carrots, leaving only cabbage. she then threw away the lettuce, carefully shredded the cabbage into tiny pieces, returned it to its container, and put the cabbage in to her backpack without eating a bite. she was grinning in to the salad bowl the whole time. she weighed approximately 94 pounds. I wonder if this is the new miracle diet.

I ate a piece of veggie pizza and a side salad, lettuce included.

Monday, November 17, 2003

i went up to my moms to score a ham sandwich. shes about to go out of town so it was no such luck. she had good bread tho. i ate a piece of that and had a lean cuisine. im turning into a lean cuisine.

Friday, November 14, 2003

i got chic-fil-a for lunch. i was so excited about coming back to my desk and arranging all sauces correctly. then this ex-salesperson comes by. and i could hear her right outside my office. and the panic that she'd come chat with me was kicking in. and just when i thought i was clear her she comes. finally during her discourse i just started to eat. but those bites when she wasnt there were about 400 times better than the bites when she was. ( she is 6 mos. pregnant and 46 years old. it will be her 6th child. most of the conversation revolved around that.)
today i packed a lunch of a turkey sandwich on a sub roll, some potato salad I made earlier in the week, and honey mustard and onion pretzel nibblers. (or is it knibblers?) I make pretty good pototo salad, but usually it has bacon in it, and this time it doesnt so each bite is slightly more disappointing than it could be. the sandwich and the potato salad are both highlighted by jalapeno dill pickles.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

man they love fried food in the south. yesterday ted and i went to lunch at sushi thai. i had the green thai curry with tofu, ted had $21 worth of sushi. when we were leaving we saw that they had tempura cheesecake. i am sure i will end up trying it the next time i go.

today all my work friends and i went out to the draft house in cameron village. we had fried pickle chips. can you imagine frying a pickle? they were good, but whoa, its like going to the fair all over again. for my lunch i had a side salad and a chicken sandwich with swiss, saurkraut and i guess 1000 island. it was like a chicken reuban.

tomorrow i will be having what i brought for lunch today. (they enticed me with fried pickles so i abandoned my lunch). last night we went to maggianos, little italy. its basically the perfect embodiment of the evil italian restaurant in big night. its an italian restaurant at the streets of southpoint mall, which is a mall made to look like a fake downtown. we had the family style dinner for two. it was more food than i have ever seen in my life. we had Calamari Fritte and Homemade Thin Crust Pizza, Sausage & Fontina Cheese for an appetizer, Caesar and Maggiano's (which had a light dressing, bleu cheese, bacon, onions and lettuce) salad for salads. Linguine, Chicken, Pesto Pine Nuts and Spaghetti with a giant Meatball for pasta. Chicken Parmesan and Chicken Florentine for dinner. Chocolate Zuccotto Cake and Vera's Lemon Cookies for dessert. we had so much food to bring home that we have enough for 4 more meals (at least). and it was only $22.95 a piece. it was so much food!! i have a tiny bit of all of it except for the calamari and the salads for lunch. we did not bring home those things cause we decided it would be nasty. it was pretty good.
I had a BLT on sourdough and some cole-slaw. It was good.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

mackin' on mac and cheese. well, technically, ralphs (kroeger?) brand spirals and cheese. with ketchup, squeezed on in a happy face pattern.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

a subway veggie burger with wow doritos, dr pepper (again). i now have enough stamps to have two free 6inch sandwiches or 1 12 inch. i need to start bringing my own lunch again.
today i had a chick-fil-a chicken sandwhich and a bag of those fries. the main reason i go there is cause they have tabassco that you can mix in with your catsup. it's really good on the waffle cut french fried potatos. dgkjnrgjna!

Monday, November 10, 2003

today i went to wendys and i had a new special burger that they have. it was called the smokehouse burger or something like that, i can't find it on the site. it had colby jack cheese, a chipotle type sauce (but not the same one that they have for the chicken strips), red onion, lettuce, tomato, bacon and i guess that was it. it reminded me of something a cowboy would eat. i think that was the reaction i was supposed to have.
my big idea was to go somewhere cool and mellow where i could sip on coffee for a while and do some reading for school. but i didn't have coffee in the morning like i need to, so i confused my caffeine-withdrawal headache for hunger and settled for the soup and salad bar at marie callendar's. the potato cheese soup, which is normally a sinful delight, was like eating runny mashed potatoes infused with some gelatin element. the salad was rank, and the cornbread dry. and i wasn't really hungry. and the booth was super uncomfortable. and then a single dad came in to help his kids with their homework in the booth next to me and they were loud. and i still have a headache.
i went to cafe on the square with adrienne today. we eat there all the time. we went to discuss this event for thursday. im starting to get terrified about how much we still need to do. anyway we were there 45 minutes before we got our food. both of us were really pissed we had to pay. the waitress said it was cos a 14 top came in right before us. but we know thats not true cos her husband and another man happened to come in 20 minutes after us and got their food way before us.

Friday, November 07, 2003

I went to Szechuan Kitchen and had egg flower soup, crab puffs, pot stickers, green beans, sweet & sour chicken and shrimp in tangy sauce. It was awesome.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

more fajitas.
wewnt out to lunch with my friend angel from high school. i think we went to the city grill, but i can't remember the name. i had a tuna melt and french fries and a coke. she told me that her twin sister shea has started planning our high school reunion. it will be next summer. i am going to volunteer to help her. i am looking forward to it already.
i went up the mountain for lunch. i hadn't seen my mom in awhile between denver and her being in charleston. her friend was over and we had ham sandwiches apples and little candy bars. it was hard to go back to work cos there was so much chatting going on.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

a subway veggie burger with wow doritos, dr pepper (again). i am turning into a robot. i only want the same things all the time.
two super-greasy-soak-through-the-paper-plate slices of pizza. one sausage the other pepperoni. and a coke. enjoy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

today we went out to lunch together to celebrate because one of our co-workers is getting married on saturday. she is coincidentaly the co-worker that went to high school with me, but she is three years older than me. i was a freshman when she was a senior. we went to 518 West. i had The Crab - Red pepper papardelle pasta sauteed w/ bacon, mushrooms, scallions & dill cream. Topped w/ fresh crab meat & romano. it was good. i ate two pieces of foccacia bread. everyone else ate 1. i knew i was being a pig, but i have pretty good table manners so i thought i could get away with it. next time i will only eat one. i rode to the lunch in this womans cadillac and it was nice, but the back door handle was broken and i had to rely on others to let me out. that kinda stuff always makes me nervous. i hate riding in the back seat of a two seater for the same reason.
i went to taco bell today and got my usual two double decker tacos. i tried the green sauce that SE was talking about. they didn't keep it at the condiment bar but behind the counter. when you ask for it they have to ring it up at the counter but don't charge you for it. they people in the back wrm it up for you and put it in a little container. i still think that the fire sauce is better.
I had to grab lunch from the lunch cart today, because I haven't had time to cook up something nutritious at home. They had fried rice, corn and teriaki chicken, or so they said, it was basically corn, rice and chicken with a cup o0f soy sauce poured over it. I had counteract the salt with some m&ms.
i had lunch with the fn today. i got a spicy chicken sandwich on croissant. it was complete with chipotle mayonaisse, two kinds of cheese, and bacon on a croissant. ( why is everyone so chipotle crazy all of a sudden?)
So my week hasnt been really busy, but not so ready access on the computer...

Yesterday I had tacos filled with a black bean/corn dip. I'm eating my way through the cupboard. Rebekah's coming over for lunch today.

That lunch with with Ginni seems so extravagant now.

Monday, November 03, 2003

okay, sorry, last week was really busy.

1. wednesday: lunch with elizabeth at whole foods, i had georgis fried chicken, vegetables and mashed potatoes. she had a burrito and a salad. i had water to drink.

2. thursday: a subway veggie burger with wow doritos, dr pepper and an oatmeal raisan cookie. (note it is exactly the same as what i had last monday).

3. friday: went bowling at owrk for halloween. i had pizza (a slice of pepperoni and a slice of pepperoni and sausage) and some doritos and sour cream and onion chips. i had a coke to drink.

4. today: chili and baked potato from wendys. i scraped out the baked potato and put it in the chili cup cause i don't like to eat the skin on the potato at wendys. one of my co-workers teased me about it. i had a diet dr. pepper to drink.
yeah chevy, looks like when were not around nobody feels like posting. today i had i stayed in the office cause i had so much work to do. i had one of those chicken wraps they serve in the conveniance store downstairs. it sucks cause i have all kinds of yummy leftovers in my fridge at home.
so it seems im the only one who still eats lunch around here. today i had a meeting. we had these salads from heavenly ham. i guess they were chef salads without the egg. i used to think i hated chef salad. but i guess i dont.


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