what i had for lunch

Thursday, February 24, 2005

I went to lunch with my old office ladies and got a supreme amount of gossip. we ate at the twisted fork. I got the steak salad. Overpriced.
today dragan and i went to eat lunch at this family's house out in the stix of croatia. they're pretty poor, like a lot of people, but they still spared no expense and pulled out all the big guns: orange fanta, bbq pork, homemade sausage, fresh killed chicken, fresh bread, and leetle tiny peekles and hot peppers. i had turkish coffee afterwards with a little sugar. by interpreting through dragan, they said next time i came over, they'd make rabbit.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I get so hungry so today I ate the same lunch twice. I had it at 11 and 1. Sloppy joe filling and blue cheese slaw.
MP called to see if I wanted to get lunch. We went to my house since I happen to have a lot of food. He explained all about the Palastines to me while we had half a chicken salad sandwich, half a turkey/jalepeno montery jack/ spinach sandwich, tabuoleh, the rest of the bleu cheese cole slaw, fritos, and cookies. I made powder lipton tea since I love it, and he only scoffed a little.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I met Lauren at Souper Salad for lunch. It’s one of those big city places all salad bar with grody pasta salad on it that you eat anyway. They also had this peach cake and lemon poppy seed bread today. I ate more cake than salad. But come on! It’s cruel to put cake on a salad bar!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

went to Qdoba for lunch today. i got the Seasoned Shredded Beef Burrito. when i paid i got one of the New Oral-B Brush Ups as a sample.

when we got back to my office i sat at my desk and used the brush-up. cause yo uknow, you are supposed to be able to use them anywhere- even the subway (which i think is totally disgusting).

there was one thing that i did not consider when i started fake brushing my teeth at my desk. i gag, literally, out loud every single time i brush my teeth. apparently i do this with brush-ups too. i know all my cube neighbors heard it. but no one said anything.
I went to that pepuseria and i'm so glad aI did. I got one cheese pupusa and one pork & cheese. The slaw for the top was very delicious and they had a side of hot green sauce. i'm going every day.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I had an AAAC related lunch meeting at Doc Chey's. I had the fakey white people pad thai. Which was delish. I think Doc Chey's is a really tex mex sounding name for a noodle house.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

virginia and I ate at the Raleigh Neomonde, but were constantly confused about whether things were the same or different from the Cary location. I had the sampler platter with potato salad, stuffed grape leaves, cabbage salad, and chickpea salad. Thanks to the beautiful weather (65 and sunny with blue skies), we got to eat outside. Everyone there was drinking diet sodas.

I passed a Pupuseria on my way back at the corner of western, hillsborough, and jones franklin. I love Pupusas and am looking forward to going there for lunch ASAP.

Monday, February 07, 2005

while i was in san angelo, texas, i saw this place called whataburger. i thought to myself that it'd be hilarious if i had a burger from there one day and after the first bite or two look up and exclaim, "what a burger!". so i convinced my colleague to have lunch there on saturday. the employees didn't seem very happy to be working at whataburger, but my order went through and i finally sank my teeth into the loaded burger after much anticipation. i raised my eyes slowly to chris and said "what a burger!". it was somewhat anticlimactic. i got the double-decker badboy, and it was very salty and greasy, but still edible. i will not go back to whataburger.
The temp was out this morning so i just ate a snack of a frozen dinner figuring i'd leave for a real lunch when she came back, but instead she just took the day off. So i'm screwed, since I'm here starving and she's out living it up in the beautiful sunshine.
I went up to my parents and ate super bowl leftovers. Mostly cake and chili. but also taco dip.

I brought a bunch of stuff here for the operators cos my mom made me. but i didnt really feel like doing it.