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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm sneaking in a breakfast post today. I've been dying to go the the Western Steak House in Burlington, but we always thought it would be too expensive, or we were too dirty, etc. Its always packed too. I should not have worried. The inside is divided up into these weird rooms, probably 4 of them, maybe more, I couldnt see. Most of them are smoking, one small one is non-smoking. Its full of old people. I start to look at the menu, and for a second think i was given the wrong menu, an old outdated one. The M-F breakfast special is: 2 eggs, a sausage pattie (their spelling, not mine), biscuit or toast, potatoes or grits. $1.60. $1.60! I got that with potatoes and biscuits for Noah, and Noah got bacon, 2 eggs, grits, a side of gravy, toast, a side of tomatoes and we got two coffees. $7.25. We decided Burlingotn was a developing country compared to metropolitan NC.

for lunch I had a blt salad and megan had a garden salad and french fries. I stole a pickle from our boxes box, he went home sick earlier this morning and didn't eat his lunch.

Monday, April 25, 2005

dr pepper-free pizza with artichokes, ham and olives.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

There are long boring stories behind this one that I'm gonna spare you of this time, but I ate carrot sticks and Nut Thins with Red Pepper and Jalopeno Hummus.
i went with mp and his boss to this place urban burrito. there was some conversation about how annoying the name is since its out of town a little ways. the boss said it was in the suburbs, but id call that a stretch.

i had the taco salad which was delish. chicken instead of beef.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I made these sesame noodles (except they were really rice noodles with sesame oil) last night (as well as the asian slaw) and brought leftover noodles to work today. I also had these weird Rice Crips as a dessert. They seemed like smooshed rice cakes drizzled with sugar. They tasted like breakfast cereal. Megan had a burrito.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

went to lunch with my dad at applebees. he had the chicken caesar salad, i had the tango chicken sandwich, note the pineapple on the side. always craving the allergies.

i liked mine right much- esp considering it was diet food. dad said that he thought i made a better choice and he would order what i got the next time.

he ordered the caesar salad because it was called the italian caesar salad and he wanted to get something italian in honor of the new pope. then they ordered a german pope! while we were eating lunch. our predictions were wrong.
same same as yesterday for both of us, except this time i brought more. And the UPS man gave us both a hershey's mini. it was slightly creepy, especially since he rolls up the sleeves on his short sleeve uniform to make it into a muscle shirt.

Monday, April 18, 2005

today i had leftovers from last week for lunch. mac and cheese and zucchini. then i had some cheese on wheat crackers cause i was still hungry.

last friday i went to el rodeo and had #25 and a margarita.

last thursday i went to neomonde and had beets, kibbeh, tuna salad and baba ganooj (i always forget how its spelled).

wednesday we had a lunch and learn so i had pizza and a salad.

i don't remeber tuesday or monday, but i think it is pretty impressive that i remembered that far back.
Wells Fargo. I got the mu-shu pork burrito wrap, side of lemon-pepper asparagus and a big blob of this brocolli salad with mayo, candied pecans, onions and bacon. The brocolli salad was terrific - the mu-shu was nastyish. I kept getting back into the leftover hoison sauce long after I finished until it made me sick and I had to chuck it. It still smells pretty mu-shu-y in this cube.

Total: $6.62
Last night I wanted to cook something in my new stove so I cooked a chicken. I have been roasting it this way for the past couple of months, but I also wanted to use this new vertical chicken roaster I got. Its from Seagrove and is a real pretty green blue. Similar in shape to this one, but with a much different glaze. It has a center part for liquid to steam it from the inside out. I used the recipe but altered it a little bit, putting more of a rub on the skin. It was very delicious and cooked faster than in a regular roasting pan (or so it seemed. Maybe because I wasn't opening up the oven door to baste it constantly it cooked quicker.)

I had the leftovers today, I didn't bring enough in and probably be hungry later but it was very good.

Megan had a very large vegetarian sandwich.

Friday, April 15, 2005

I went to my parents for lunch and before being shitty to the hockey players I had this great chicken salad. Im tooting my own horn here cos I made it and shrimp leftovers from dinner.

I had to schlep all the way to S. asheville to get the fat free/ sugar free pistachio pudding but it was worth it.
Wells fargo cafeteria with the same salad destination as yesterday. Checked out the hot food stand and it was breaded, but baked chicken w/sides and also a baked potato bar. (The baked potato bar has become so all-encompassing, you can even get fajita chicken on it now.) The fasting girl from yesterday insisted I try her biscuits, which had cheese, jalapenos and pineapples baked inside. This is where I got off the salad track.

We started to blab, and she insisted I buy a biscuit, even if I went with the salad over the chicken. I tried to tell her that for me, it was all or nothing, off/on, virgin/whore, life or death. There could be no salad with a biscuit. So I got everything. And it all hurt to eat because my teeth are falling out of my head.

Total cost: $5.25
Megan and I took off and went to Neomonde today. I waa real confused while trying to order and asked for grapes while I was trying to ask for olives. I had the sampler platter and it was pretty good, except i only had one potato in my potato salad. I also had cabbage salad chicken salad and stuffed grape leaves. Megan had fava bean salad and a grilled vegetable pita thing.

When we were walking up this mailman cruised by and part of his truck flew off.
Megan and I took off and went to Neomonde today. I waa real confused while trying to order and asked for grapes while I was trying to ask for olives. I had the sampler platter and it was pretty good, except i only had one potato in my potato salad. I also had cabbage salad chicken salad and stuffed grape leaves. Megan had fava bean salad and a grilled vegetable pita thing.

When we were walking up this mailman cruised by and part of his truck flew off.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

i ate at my desk again today. i need to get out more. left over chinese food from last night. it was mostly sezchaun beef and white rice. lunch grade: C+
i ate at my desk today, again. i need to get out more. left over chinese food from last night. mostly sezchuan beef and rice. lunch grade: C+
Went to the Well's Fargo cafeteria like always, with salad intentions, like always. The skywalk between the main building and the baby building on the next block was reeking of bottled BBQ sauce and when I made it to the cafeteria, there was a choice of brisket or Caroline pulled pork.

Caroline?? That's even worse than Carolina-style. So I forewent the salad, like always, and loaded up on baked beans, brussel sprouts and a pile of pork. There was no slaw, but it still had to be more than pound of food. Sponsored the cafeteria girl 5 bucks towards her needy children fasting campaign, but then later found out it was only a 24 hour fast and felt cheated...
The company is sponsoring this seminar and the sponsors got taken out to lunch today. I really like the restaurant, but they have these awesome rolls with herb butter, HERB BUTTER that are so hard to resist. Anyway I did and I had the cobb salad. Which was totally amazing. It even had hearts of palm on it. But I didn't get to finish it cos this guy was talking to me so I put my fork down to listen ( rare, I know) and the waiter came up and stuck his hand on my plate and started to take it. I was too dumbstruck to stop it. Esp. since who wants it after his gross hand is all over it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

i'm back to eating lunch again.

today i went down to the convenience store in my new work building and purchased a handmade, mass produced burrito and spicy v-8 for lunch. i ate at my desk. i'm now snacking on potato chips. lunch grade: C-

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

sb and i went to cafe carolina for lunch today. this is one of my very favorite restaurants in the triangle. i love the pulled pork panini, i love the blue cupcakes, i love that the give cheese and pepper kabobs with some of the salads, i love the mango iced tea (unsweetened). i have recommended it to people and i frequently take people there when i meet someone for lunch or have to have a working meeting with someone.

today i got the half turkey sandwich, pretzles and a side salad. they no longer have the mango tea, so i got the regular unsweetened tea (this was a BIG disappointment). sb got the beef pot pie.

when i got my food the salad was ceasar instead of house. sb's looked only okay. i ate every bit of my salad and started to move on to my sandwich. at this point sb said that he was going to have to have a second lunch cause his was unsatisfying. sadly my the turkey on my sandwich was pretty much frozen when i took my first bite.

i made sb touch it, then i made him try it and he agreed it seemed frozen. we debated about whether or not i should complain and he got me with "they would want to know, you are helping them out in the long run." plus i had already eaten my whole salad which should have given it time to defrost.

so i went and complained. and the manager said that the reason it was frozen was because the turkey comes frozen and they just got new freezers. he didn;t offer me a new sandwich so i asked him if i could have another one. he asked me if i wanted ham and i said i would rather have chicken salad or tuna salad (the other options with the half sandwich meal).

so he then gives me a bowl of the chicken salad (but i had a sandwich). when i ask him if he wants my old sandwich (to throw it away), he says, no keep it, you can make your sandwich with the bread.

why would i want to use old bread that has been next to frozen meat?

so when i show back up at the table with my bowl of chicken salad, sb says "what is that? why do you have that?" when i explained the story, he said, "that's it- we are leaving. where do you want to go for lunch now."

so we left and went to qdoba. the other suggestion we had considered before we chose cafe carolina. for second lunch i had a steak quesadilla. sb had tortilla soup.

we did all of this in one hour.

my comments on the customer service: he should have taken my sandwich away immediately and then made me a sandwich of whatever i wanted. that would have been good customer service. the explanation was okay, but i didn;t really need it, i just wanted a lunch a could enjoy.

i will go back to cafe carolina again, but probably not as frequently and i probably won't chose anything but pulled pork panini again.
I had a taco salad from taco bell. i didnt eat the shell, chips, or salsa. I am suspiciously satisfied and full tho. I probably can't have it.

Monday, April 11, 2005

a week ago today i went to opening day baseball to see the rockies v. padres. i ate lunch at the ballpark, a footlong bratwurst with kraut and onions & peppers. the morons working the stand, they never drain the kraut or the onions & peppers before they slop it on the dog, so by the time i poured on the ketchup and mustard, the bun was soggier than shit, and soggy bread makes me dry heave. so the whole dog fell apart and i took a few bites of just the bratwurst, but then i threw it away because it just wasn't worth it, even though i paid $6.50 for the bastard. however at the bottom of the 8th i got a footlong rockies dog and just put ketchup and mustard on it and it was delish. so remember, always tell those foolios to drain the shit before they slop it on, if you're a kraut and onions & peppers kind of person.
went to baja fresh and had a steak fajita burrito. on the way back i got made fun of by one of my co-workers for not knowing that we are in zone 7 (zone 7b to be exact). he then told me he had a banana tree in his yard and when i asked if that was unusal for this zone he said "did you see any banana trees on the way to work?"

its amazing how people you like can get away with almost anything.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I had leftovers form last night's dinner. We had chicken thighs and scalloped potatoes and gorgonzola broccoli slaw with bacon crumbles. I had this friend who loved hooters wing sauce and finally she badgered the restaurant enough that they told her their secret sauce was just texas pete and butter. I don't know if that's true or not, but its really a delicious way to cook thighs. we browned em in the butter texas pete sauce, then transferred them to the grill, but it was taking too long, so switched them to the oven. The skin was especially delicious.

Monday, April 04, 2005

today we went to bella monica for lunch. on the way in a co-worker and i got in a fight about vector vs. raster files. when we sat down. one of my other co-workers identified the font that was used on the menu. on our way out, we were surprised when the manager/owner walked up to me and asked us if we worked at an ad agency. he said he pegged us because of the font talk and the bag that i was carrying. none of us could determine whether or not this was a compliment. the food was delish. i had an eggplant parm sandwich. i love eggplant, even though i am allergic to it. i think that is what makes me crave it.
went to baby moon again today, but this time with a whole different set of co-workers. 3 out of 4 of us ordered the herbed chicken sandwich. when the food came they brought 1 chicken club and 2 herbed chicken sandwiches. since the guy with the club had the same side i ordered i became convinced that he had my sandwich- why else would he have gotten his one different sandwich when all the people with the same one as me had already gotten their sandwich. so i demanded that he switch with me. when he did i realized the sandwich looked exactly the same as the one that i had before (but a little less delicious looking). they gave all 4 of us the same thing.

luckily the guy was a total trooper and just ate the wrong sandwich- even though the waitress offered to fix him another one.
went to babymoon cafe for lunch today. got the eggplant sandwich. 2 of my other co-workers got the same thing (sb and jg- jg is a freelancer and does not work with us that often).

i foolishly ate the piece of cooked cheese off the end of my sandwich first. as soon as i did it, i realized i ate the best part of my sandwich first.

so i turned to the co-worker (jg) that had a delicious bite just like mine and said: "i don't mean for this to sound creepy, but i want to watch you eat that bite."

there is no way that that can NOT sound creepy. and this was the second time i have ever spoken to him. and everyone heard. and they all agreed. i am a total creep.

but, the flip side is this: he let me and everyone else at the table know when he got to the bite. he saved it for last and he admitted it was the very bext part of the sandwich.

sometimes you can't take back the things you say, no matter how hard you want to.
I went home for lunch and had a lean cuisine pizza, and a yoghurt. Then I got back to my desk and ate a pnut butter clif bar.
This is a boring lunch, but it's depressing to see no updates.
I went home for lunch and had a lean cuisine pizza, and a yoghurt. Then I got back to my desk and ate a pnut butter clif bar.
This is a boring lunch, but it's depressing to see no updates.


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