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Monday, April 18, 2005

Last night I wanted to cook something in my new stove so I cooked a chicken. I have been roasting it this way for the past couple of months, but I also wanted to use this new vertical chicken roaster I got. Its from Seagrove and is a real pretty green blue. Similar in shape to this one, but with a much different glaze. It has a center part for liquid to steam it from the inside out. I used the recipe but altered it a little bit, putting more of a rub on the skin. It was very delicious and cooked faster than in a regular roasting pan (or so it seemed. Maybe because I wasn't opening up the oven door to baste it constantly it cooked quicker.)

I had the leftovers today, I didn't bring enough in and probably be hungry later but it was very good.

Megan had a very large vegetarian sandwich.

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