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Monday, April 11, 2005

a week ago today i went to opening day baseball to see the rockies v. padres. i ate lunch at the ballpark, a footlong bratwurst with kraut and onions & peppers. the morons working the stand, they never drain the kraut or the onions & peppers before they slop it on the dog, so by the time i poured on the ketchup and mustard, the bun was soggier than shit, and soggy bread makes me dry heave. so the whole dog fell apart and i took a few bites of just the bratwurst, but then i threw it away because it just wasn't worth it, even though i paid $6.50 for the bastard. however at the bottom of the 8th i got a footlong rockies dog and just put ketchup and mustard on it and it was delish. so remember, always tell those foolios to drain the shit before they slop it on, if you're a kraut and onions & peppers kind of person.

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