what i had for lunch

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Today I had a bean burrito and mexi-nuggets from Taco Bell. And a Mountain Dew. It was pretty good.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

i got a chicken salad sandwich and tomato cheddar soup from this great sandwich place. but my sandwich was super duper grody. so i just ate the soup and chips. then i had a pack of m&ms. i feel unsatisfied.

Monday, December 29, 2003

yesterday ted and i had a construction lunch. it was lovely. we went to the home depot to get some tools and the hot dogs smelled soooooo good. so, on the way out ted got a hot dog and i got a sausage dog with every single topping. there was chili, relish, cole slaw, saurkraut, onions in red sauce, mustard, ketchup and maybe something else. they guy that i ordered it from said that he had people get them with everything from time to time, but he thought it was too many flavors competing. i disagree. it was great. i also had a root beer. ted had a diet pepsi. we sat on the back of his truck and ate our dogs. it was 57 degrees and gorgeous. a guy that parked near us said it was the perfect day for a picnic when he saw us. i love it when people are envious!!!

today for lunch i had red beans and rice. my coworker mm was going to eat with me, but by the time he made it to the kitchen i had already eaten my lunch, so i stayed for a little while longer and ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate so that i could hang with him. it was lovely.
roast beef sandwich (leftover from xmas dinner) chex mix and an almond rasberry butter cookie.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

We had a late breakfast of cranberry bread, biscuits, bacon, sausage, eggs, hot chocolate and tangerines.

Monday, December 22, 2003

i had a big bowl of southwestern chilie brought into work for the twelve days of christmas.
I had a slice of leftover frozen pizza and almost an entire large bag of bbq baked lays. and one buckeye. oh, and this old guy came in and just paid with a check and he wrote "dec. 22, 2003 AD" on the check.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

we had our xmas lunch at work today. i dont wanna talk about it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

i had lunch with my realtor ( my cousin). we went to applebees and got salads. i think i was sick of my salad before i was actually full.
tamales today!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

i went to the salad restaurant and made a big salad. it was okay, it had great ranch so i wished i had made it bigger.

i read that you should eat a lb of vegetables for every 50 lbs of your wieght every day. im hoping that a lb is less than it seems like.

Monday, December 15, 2003

i went to taco bell today and got two double decker tacos. inside they were playing felis navidad in muzac format. that crked me up for some reason.
my fridge is stocked with leftovers, but I had leftover frozen pizza for lunch b/c it was the most portable.

I have tamales and pasoli (sp?) and chili etc. left.
i went to lunch with one of my best friends from forever. he just moved back to america from england. altho tonite he goes back to graduate with his masters blah blah.

we went to doc cheys cos i was jonesing for pad thai. he got a curry. he's sooo british now.

Friday, December 12, 2003

my mom randomly took me to lunch today, which, i assure you, never ever ever happens. we wound up out in this part of the city where we lived when i was in high school like a thousand years ago, because it was sort of near where my poor car was being held. so we got my car and then my mom took me to eat, and she said "pick whatever your heart desires." too bad i had eaten an enormous breakfast at home to celebrate my first morning of freedom from school. but i made do with a cup of lobster bisque and a small salad with chicken, avocado, green apples, walnuts, mandarin slices and blue cheese. oh, and lettuce. duh. it was faboo. now i'm stuffed!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

i went with chest stare girl to laughing seed. i didnt get heppy hopefully. i got these roll ups with fake sloppy joe in them and a salad. they have this dressing there that makes you wanna cry its so good. also some jerkoff bought delicious baked goods that im putting a real hurt on.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

today i had a hamburger at one of those places that is a fake soda fountain shop. it's supposed to look like it was from the fifties but really was built yesterday. and it is done in such a shotty way that it'll look 18 years old tomorrow.
ok, so one quarter of the school year with the new cafe-terror-ium and i'm sick of it. now, let's say i was the kind of girl who had her shit together. had that been the case i'd have brought with me a nutritious and satisfying lunch with me to campus today. but, no, not my style. so i went for the potential nightmare of campus chinese food. only i wised up and picked dishes that i thought were simple and had minimal ingredients: beef with broccoli and bbq pork. and, i'll admit, it was delish. they hacked and cleavered the pork into manageable chunks right before my eyes, and i'll tell ya, it was the best damn fast food pork experience of my life. now, ultimately, we'll see how this lunch fares if and when it repeats itself on me later. and you all know what i mean. back to studying for finals...

Monday, December 08, 2003

I had rice with some yummy curry sauce and veggies today. When I made it last night, I put chicken potstickers in it, but I kept going back to the frig and eating the potstickers out, so I didn't get to enjoy any today. I also had some sun chips and way too much horrible coffee.
i don't usually get all whipped up into a frenzy about finals week, but for some reason this time around has been particularly challenging. so instead of actual meal-eating, i'm using snacking as both therapy and sustenance. my "lunch" today consisted of wavy lays with ranch flavoring (my cat's all time favorite) and some caramel dipped shortbread cookies. i suspect my "dinner" will include the nouns ice, cream, pizza and coffee. a girl's gotta do...well, you know what i mean.

Friday, December 05, 2003

i went with the girl who stares at my chest and this other girl to boston pizza. i had spaghetti and mushrooms and salad with bleu cheese and garlic bread. it was delish but now im explodingly full.
I ate all freebies for lunch.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

okay boring lunch of ham sandwich and the same extras as the past couple of days, but i wanted to say that:

Food Lion carries Cheerwine Ice Cream. It is a food lion branded product, i suspect because they are both salisbury natives. I didnt buy it yesterday because I was feeling thrifty, but sally you really must try some when you are in town.
For lunch: Roast Beef w/creamy horseradish sauce, roasted potatoes, zucchini, rolls, salad and spinach quiche. For dessert: cookies, lemon poppyseed cake, fudge and a pecan bar.

We had our holiday lunch buffet at work and I stuffed my face! Now I am so full that I could really use a nap.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I only took a half-hour lunch as work is super busy for the next two weeks. i slammed down a philly in the short time i was sitting down.
Pb & j and pretzels and a clementine.

Monday, December 01, 2003

i had chick-fil-a cause i'm already out of leftovers.
i made this gigantic plate of leftovers for lunch. my mom had sent me home from her place with giant ziploc bags of turkey, stuffing and brussel sprouts with bacon. no yams, dammit, i could kick myself. so i loaded the plate up and added to the gluttony these awesome green beans with crispy mushrooms that i made from a recipe in my martha stewart mag. i worship her. i made sugar cookies from one of her recipes over the weekend. a hansen's rootbeer completed the meal. too late for "growing pains" today, so i got sappy and watched "second chance" on tlc. the guy totally took back his ex-girl. sucker.
I amso gonna throw away the remaining turkey scraps after today. but I had a turkey sandwich on an everything bagel with pretzels and a clementine. I eat SOOO early now, like 10:00, cause I dont really have anything else to do at work. I also do the crosswrod puzzle at work.
because of sally i was dying for some pad thai. the girl who looks at my chest and me went to this great restaurant that recently had a heppy a scare. i braved it anyway.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

today i had a mushroom swiss and onion burger from a new place here in town. i was really good and esonably priced to boot.

here is another wonderful blog all about food: food is my life

Friday, November 28, 2003

my mom made me homemade chicken soup. it's a special kind that she makes and it's wonderful. don't tell her i put tobasco in it though.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Pad Thai Pad Thai Pad Thai!!!!!!!!
they had tgiving lunch at the printing company. i went over for lasagna and salad. yum. there was also cheesecake.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

i had fajitas again today (naked). i've been cooking a lot of dinners but havn't been eating the leftovers for lunch. only for dinner. which is ok. i won't have any thanksgiving leftovers till late next week.
i went to best buy at lunch today. i wanted to get this little harddrive to solve my FTPing problems. its so tiny. it is smaller than a pack of gum. ( the fiver). then since i was all the way down there i couldnt resist and got chick fil a. before i went a couple of weeks ago i hadnt eaten chick fil a in years. suddenly im crazy for the place. altho my sandwich today had a few problems and i think im cured for awhile.

Monday, November 24, 2003

i had another rb & brie sandwich, my fourth. noah ate one and milton ate one, completing the six I made last week in an attempt to mass cook. I also had leftover snack mix we created to take bowling yesterday of chocolate pieces, raisins, mixed nuts and pretzels.
i just made myself a kick ass salad. red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, mushrooms, grated cheddar cheese and teriyaki chicken tenders grilled on my george foreman grill. i made an asian inspired dressing with sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and some ginger and garlic. delish. i served it with a heaping side of "growing pains" reruns.
i have had a really wierd lunch. this woman brought in an apple/ caramel dip tray and a crudite tray. so ive eaten my wieght in apples and carrots. then i went to my parents to FTP these pictures ( it was unsuccessful b/c of fucking AOL) and had some pate and crackers and a little bit of this greek wrap and a little bit of a bourbon pecan bar.

Friday, November 21, 2003

today i went to my favorite sandwhich shop and got the El Buey. spicy with jalopenos. very very tasty.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

i went to the pressed sandwhich place that i usually goto but it had changed. now its just a regular deli sandwhich place called "the sandwhich board". i was too busy ogling over the salad bar to realize the menu had changed. so i quickly just ordered a reuban sandwhick on marble rye. it was ok but i ate it in about four bites and it cost me six dollars. this is the last time i go there.
i was the only one at the museum and i brought soup but the microwave was broken so I only ate the pretzels i brought and leftover popcorn from this weekends casablanca showing. it sucked. I dont know the protocal yet about leaving if you are the only one there. i havent seen a "back in 5 minutes!" sign yet.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Last year my dad and step mom got me all these packets of soup that you can make at home. They're really into soup, I don't know why. They have the dried ingredients and spices with a recipe about how to make them. Well, I was really excited about the red beans and rice package and I made it last night. I went and got some smoked sausage and green pepper, etc. to put in there, just like the recipe says. I made a gignatic soup pot filled with this stuff. And guess what - it kind of sucks. So now I have to eat it for a week for lunch and dinner because I'm broke. Word to the wise, say no to the soup packets or at least don't follow their frickin' recipe.
i had a bit of a nervous stomach from watching the stock market all afternoon so i just wen and got the hummus and feta begal from einsteins. i got the potato salad side and a coke too.
i was supposed to have lunch with stalker eliz today. i didnt know if she'd show cos she bailed yesterday. so i was talking to FN in front of his work and SE found me there. I think she thinks i was throwing her over for FN but i wasnt ... it was just a coincidence that he we were talking and he ended up joining us.

we went to an old place with new owners. our waiter was my ex-extremely-loud-upstairs-neighbour. i hope he didnt spit in my food.

i had this great grilled chicken salad with creamy dill dressing. SE had bbq ( as usual) and the FN had a reuben. later when i tried to cash in on SE's pickle she told me that she only got a sandwich for the pickle. i only got the salad for the dill dressing.
i brought some dried pineapple from the co-op today. i can never seem to think about lunch early in the morning before work, so i never end up packing anything. i am so strapped for cash that i can never go out for lunch. sometimes the warehouse guys make stuff in the kitchen and give me their scraps... but not regulary. and besides, they are always making some sort of mystery meat concoction from meat that some relative killed in the woods behind their house or something. sometimes they don't even know what meat they are eating. grody.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I had a PB&J, and an apple. Now all I need is a glass of milk!

That salad story was gross, especially the grinning into the salad bowl part. Reminds me of the skinny girl in wilmington who only bought cole slaw from the bbq place you used to work at.
across the table from me at the dining hall where i ate lunch this girl took a side salad and removed all of the lettuce and shredded carrots, leaving only cabbage. she then threw away the lettuce, carefully shredded the cabbage into tiny pieces, returned it to its container, and put the cabbage in to her backpack without eating a bite. she was grinning in to the salad bowl the whole time. she weighed approximately 94 pounds. I wonder if this is the new miracle diet.

I ate a piece of veggie pizza and a side salad, lettuce included.

Monday, November 17, 2003

i went up to my moms to score a ham sandwich. shes about to go out of town so it was no such luck. she had good bread tho. i ate a piece of that and had a lean cuisine. im turning into a lean cuisine.

Friday, November 14, 2003

i got chic-fil-a for lunch. i was so excited about coming back to my desk and arranging all sauces correctly. then this ex-salesperson comes by. and i could hear her right outside my office. and the panic that she'd come chat with me was kicking in. and just when i thought i was clear her she comes. finally during her discourse i just started to eat. but those bites when she wasnt there were about 400 times better than the bites when she was. ( she is 6 mos. pregnant and 46 years old. it will be her 6th child. most of the conversation revolved around that.)
today i packed a lunch of a turkey sandwich on a sub roll, some potato salad I made earlier in the week, and honey mustard and onion pretzel nibblers. (or is it knibblers?) I make pretty good pototo salad, but usually it has bacon in it, and this time it doesnt so each bite is slightly more disappointing than it could be. the sandwich and the potato salad are both highlighted by jalapeno dill pickles.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

man they love fried food in the south. yesterday ted and i went to lunch at sushi thai. i had the green thai curry with tofu, ted had $21 worth of sushi. when we were leaving we saw that they had tempura cheesecake. i am sure i will end up trying it the next time i go.

today all my work friends and i went out to the draft house in cameron village. we had fried pickle chips. can you imagine frying a pickle? they were good, but whoa, its like going to the fair all over again. for my lunch i had a side salad and a chicken sandwich with swiss, saurkraut and i guess 1000 island. it was like a chicken reuban.

tomorrow i will be having what i brought for lunch today. (they enticed me with fried pickles so i abandoned my lunch). last night we went to maggianos, little italy. its basically the perfect embodiment of the evil italian restaurant in big night. its an italian restaurant at the streets of southpoint mall, which is a mall made to look like a fake downtown. we had the family style dinner for two. it was more food than i have ever seen in my life. we had Calamari Fritte and Homemade Thin Crust Pizza, Sausage & Fontina Cheese for an appetizer, Caesar and Maggiano's (which had a light dressing, bleu cheese, bacon, onions and lettuce) salad for salads. Linguine, Chicken, Pesto Pine Nuts and Spaghetti with a giant Meatball for pasta. Chicken Parmesan and Chicken Florentine for dinner. Chocolate Zuccotto Cake and Vera's Lemon Cookies for dessert. we had so much food to bring home that we have enough for 4 more meals (at least). and it was only $22.95 a piece. it was so much food!! i have a tiny bit of all of it except for the calamari and the salads for lunch. we did not bring home those things cause we decided it would be nasty. it was pretty good.
I had a BLT on sourdough and some cole-slaw. It was good.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

mackin' on mac and cheese. well, technically, ralphs (kroeger?) brand spirals and cheese. with ketchup, squeezed on in a happy face pattern.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

a subway veggie burger with wow doritos, dr pepper (again). i now have enough stamps to have two free 6inch sandwiches or 1 12 inch. i need to start bringing my own lunch again.
today i had a chick-fil-a chicken sandwhich and a bag of those fries. the main reason i go there is cause they have tabassco that you can mix in with your catsup. it's really good on the waffle cut french fried potatos. dgkjnrgjna!

Monday, November 10, 2003

today i went to wendys and i had a new special burger that they have. it was called the smokehouse burger or something like that, i can't find it on the site. it had colby jack cheese, a chipotle type sauce (but not the same one that they have for the chicken strips), red onion, lettuce, tomato, bacon and i guess that was it. it reminded me of something a cowboy would eat. i think that was the reaction i was supposed to have.
my big idea was to go somewhere cool and mellow where i could sip on coffee for a while and do some reading for school. but i didn't have coffee in the morning like i need to, so i confused my caffeine-withdrawal headache for hunger and settled for the soup and salad bar at marie callendar's. the potato cheese soup, which is normally a sinful delight, was like eating runny mashed potatoes infused with some gelatin element. the salad was rank, and the cornbread dry. and i wasn't really hungry. and the booth was super uncomfortable. and then a single dad came in to help his kids with their homework in the booth next to me and they were loud. and i still have a headache.
i went to cafe on the square with adrienne today. we eat there all the time. we went to discuss this event for thursday. im starting to get terrified about how much we still need to do. anyway we were there 45 minutes before we got our food. both of us were really pissed we had to pay. the waitress said it was cos a 14 top came in right before us. but we know thats not true cos her husband and another man happened to come in 20 minutes after us and got their food way before us.

Friday, November 07, 2003

I went to Szechuan Kitchen and had egg flower soup, crab puffs, pot stickers, green beans, sweet & sour chicken and shrimp in tangy sauce. It was awesome.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

more fajitas.
wewnt out to lunch with my friend angel from high school. i think we went to the city grill, but i can't remember the name. i had a tuna melt and french fries and a coke. she told me that her twin sister shea has started planning our high school reunion. it will be next summer. i am going to volunteer to help her. i am looking forward to it already.
i went up the mountain for lunch. i hadn't seen my mom in awhile between denver and her being in charleston. her friend was over and we had ham sandwiches apples and little candy bars. it was hard to go back to work cos there was so much chatting going on.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

a subway veggie burger with wow doritos, dr pepper (again). i am turning into a robot. i only want the same things all the time.
two super-greasy-soak-through-the-paper-plate slices of pizza. one sausage the other pepperoni. and a coke. enjoy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

today we went out to lunch together to celebrate because one of our co-workers is getting married on saturday. she is coincidentaly the co-worker that went to high school with me, but she is three years older than me. i was a freshman when she was a senior. we went to 518 West. i had The Crab - Red pepper papardelle pasta sauteed w/ bacon, mushrooms, scallions & dill cream. Topped w/ fresh crab meat & romano. it was good. i ate two pieces of foccacia bread. everyone else ate 1. i knew i was being a pig, but i have pretty good table manners so i thought i could get away with it. next time i will only eat one. i rode to the lunch in this womans cadillac and it was nice, but the back door handle was broken and i had to rely on others to let me out. that kinda stuff always makes me nervous. i hate riding in the back seat of a two seater for the same reason.
i went to taco bell today and got my usual two double decker tacos. i tried the green sauce that SE was talking about. they didn't keep it at the condiment bar but behind the counter. when you ask for it they have to ring it up at the counter but don't charge you for it. they people in the back wrm it up for you and put it in a little container. i still think that the fire sauce is better.
I had to grab lunch from the lunch cart today, because I haven't had time to cook up something nutritious at home. They had fried rice, corn and teriaki chicken, or so they said, it was basically corn, rice and chicken with a cup o0f soy sauce poured over it. I had counteract the salt with some m&ms.
i had lunch with the fn today. i got a spicy chicken sandwich on croissant. it was complete with chipotle mayonaisse, two kinds of cheese, and bacon on a croissant. ( why is everyone so chipotle crazy all of a sudden?)
So my week hasnt been really busy, but not so ready access on the computer...

Yesterday I had tacos filled with a black bean/corn dip. I'm eating my way through the cupboard. Rebekah's coming over for lunch today.

That lunch with with Ginni seems so extravagant now.

Monday, November 03, 2003

okay, sorry, last week was really busy.

1. wednesday: lunch with elizabeth at whole foods, i had georgis fried chicken, vegetables and mashed potatoes. she had a burrito and a salad. i had water to drink.

2. thursday: a subway veggie burger with wow doritos, dr pepper and an oatmeal raisan cookie. (note it is exactly the same as what i had last monday).

3. friday: went bowling at owrk for halloween. i had pizza (a slice of pepperoni and a slice of pepperoni and sausage) and some doritos and sour cream and onion chips. i had a coke to drink.

4. today: chili and baked potato from wendys. i scraped out the baked potato and put it in the chili cup cause i don't like to eat the skin on the potato at wendys. one of my co-workers teased me about it. i had a diet dr. pepper to drink.
yeah chevy, looks like when were not around nobody feels like posting. today i had i stayed in the office cause i had so much work to do. i had one of those chicken wraps they serve in the conveniance store downstairs. it sucks cause i have all kinds of yummy leftovers in my fridge at home.
so it seems im the only one who still eats lunch around here. today i had a meeting. we had these salads from heavenly ham. i guess they were chef salads without the egg. i used to think i hated chef salad. but i guess i dont.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

My car was 6000 miles over the due mileage for an oil change. Taco bell was across the street, so I had taco bell, and i tried one of the burritos in the new "fresco" way, which basically just means now cheese, add tomatoes and cilantro. It was fine. This taco bell does give you jalapeno peppers if you ask for them, which is a nice extra. they also have green sauce on the condiment bar (do all TBs do that?) I'm disappointed that noone thought it necessary to comment on my grandfather's use of "wassup."
yesterday i had a subway veggie burger with wow doritos, dr pepper and an oatmeal raisan cookie.

Monday, October 27, 2003

so i was real popular at lunch today. donna wanted to get lunch, she leaves tommorow, and this dude and my mom wanted me to eat with her and this lady.

i went with donna and the dude. i got a club sandwich that i didnt like very much. too often the meat on sandwiches has too many gross parts. i kind of picked at it and ate most of the potato salad.
I had a roast beef sandwich. I also wanted to include one line from my incurably sweet grandfather's email:

"Well, you probably know all that I have bored you with here because I know you keep in close touch with your Mom & Dad, but direct from here that is "wassup."

Take good care--Love, Grandpa"

Friday, October 24, 2003

my boss and i had to go to durham to meet one of our clients. we went to lunch at el rodeo which is a mexican restauant ted and i frequent. my favorite waitor was looking at me all weird cause i was there with a strange guy. i think he thought i was cheating. i had a chicken quesadilla, rice and a beef burrito- sweet tea to drink. my boss paid cause we talked about work the whole time. it was great.
i had a philly cheasesteak sandwhich. i think the word "cheasesteak" is pretty gross, but the sandwhich was sure good.
I had leftover pizza from wednesday.. It gives me horrible bad breath.
my mom is going to a seminar with these ladies from her church. it looks heinous. its all flashy and tacky and in an amphitheatre. its like a modern revival i guess. but its only for women. anyway i had to drop her off to meet them and so i ate at her house. had a roast beef sandwich. it was really good, but she only had grape tomatoes so it took a long time to cut them all.
i don't remember what the hell i had for lunch, but i sure know i ate a whole medium pizza for dinner. you guys have been talking about pizza for days now, and i've been all "no fat-no cheese-no carbs-no FUN" and also PMSing and overwrought with drama--so i caved and ate pizza. and ate and ate and ate pizza. and it was goooooood.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

today, another one of our printer / fulfillment houses had an open house. we took a tour at this one, so that we could be registered to win a plasma tv. while on the tour they announced tickets numbers and I WON! though, it was not the plasma tv. i won one of those chairs in a bag that you take to tailgate parties and i won a zippo flashlight that can cut through your window and your seat belt. we ate lots of delicious food. i got a goodie bag that has a compass/ can opener/ bottle opener, etc and a cup and a pad of paper and a beer cozi. and at the end of the tour we registered for the plasma tv. we did not stay for the drawing which was at 2:00pm, but i have not heard anything yet so i guess i did not win. i am really surprised i did not win the tv. i fully expected to.
so miss elizabeth called and said she had 2 seconds for lunch and could i come with... we went to max's after me not able to think of anyplace and her stressing me about it bad.

i had spanokopita and greek salad, she had this lamb gyro looking thing and greek salad. i told her that they sold the salad dressing in the ingles's and she could probably buy it. she didnt seem impressed.

the waiter was a dullard.

we were in a tight corner with a group of large loud ladies.

it ruled.
three soft tacos were on the menu today

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

today i took the shuttle down to the other side of 16th street so i could have some noodles & co. noodles is another colorado based chain like chipolte and quizznos. i got the mushroon stroganoff.
With all ginni's pizza talk I have been really craving pizza all the time. I went to Sylvia's pizza on hillsborough Street. It was really crowded, which is unusual, and booths have been added. I had to share a table with other people who were eating alone. My slices were one sliced tomato and one pineapple. I'm waiting for the hives to start appearing, but I dont see them yet.
today i had chicken fingers from wendys with chipotle dipping sauce and a side salad with reduced fat ranch. then i had a small slice of spinach and tomato pizza that was left over from a meeting that everyone was in but me. i am also drinking water. yummy.
yesterday i had a country ham biscuit and hashbrowns with a dr. pepper from buscuitville. i drove to the biscuitville in thomasville during my lunch break to do a sister exchange with my mom. somehow the keys to my moms car keys got locked in the car. i ended up taking a 4 hour lunch as a result, i was hoping to only take a 3 hour lunch. (thomasville is about 1.5 hours from raleigh). i took my sister to the airport in raleigh. i miss her already.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I had a ham sandwich, chips, cherry pie and ice cream. It was good!
Although it was completely messy, I had a delicious balsamic mushroom provolone burger with crosstie fries. My fingers smell like burger now. I also had two doughnuts for breakfast.

Monday, October 20, 2003

t.o.t.a.l.l.y. b.o.r.i.n.g.: leftover lemon-garlic roasted chicken (yeah, i roasted the darn little chicken myself), steamed broccoli and some grilled yellow squash. it was so boring the cat wasn't interested in cleaning the plate after, and i was so unsatisfied i braved the crowds at trader joe's and bought a big ol hunk of ghiradelli dark chocolate. i ate the whole thing throughout the course of the afternoon while i watched the abc family channel. even gorgeous supermodels like me have moments of weakness.
today i had a quiznos brand classic italian submarine sandwitch. it was eh.
Grilled chicken sandwich and a free order of FF. I keep winning free food in the Monopoly game and am forced to continue eating there to claim my free food. I know I know its a forced slow death trap that i am jumping in to feet first.
i had belgian waffles with walnuts. me and adrienne had to put up posters all over town and it was boiling hot.
today i had my left overs from my free meal at macaroni grill last night. i had chicken cutlet with artichokes, mushrooms, capers and procuitto, with thin spaghetti all in a lemon butter sauce. i even had part of the appetizer so i shared that with my co-workers (it was the shrimp/spinach/artichoke dip). it was delish. i told the story of the free meal and i think i inspired a few people to head over to the macaroni grill tonight.

Friday, October 17, 2003

i made my protein burgers again today, but this time i went the extra mile and tried to come up with my own sort of secret sauce to put on them. but i can't fool anyone, even myself: i just stirred some fat free mayo with some relish and ketchup and told myself "shhh, it's a secret." the trouble was that the ground meat looked a little brownish when i took it out of the fridge, and i tried to smell test it, but not knowing what fresh ground meat should really smell like, i cooked it up anyhow. just the thought of having eaten bad ground meat has kind of put a knot in my stomach. either that or the combo of bad meat and fake secret sauce has conspired in my intestines to kill me.
i was starving and wanted something with a caesar salad and crusty rolls. since no one would go to lunch with me i had to eat alone so i settled for a chicken cordon bleu meal from arbys. it was a far cry from what i wanted. but...delish.
i had 2 cheeseburgers. I am determined to win a mega prize in the monopoly game. i deserve it, dammit. today in the mainly hispanic african-american mcdonalds i frequent, the jayhawks were being played on the radio. its one thing to hear these things on a commercial or shopping mall, but its really diconcerting at the major fast food at the local HBCU.
today our printer / fulfillment company had a free bbq party for lunch. all of their clients were invited. the guy that i work with that was running through the fair yesterday got up and played guitar with the bluegrass band that was entertaining us. it was hillarious. the food was great.

one of the upstairs neighbors from ted's old apartment was there. this is the one that i was obsessed with because he and his wife used to get in the loudest fights and it seemed like they were kinda beating on each other a little. and she had the LOUDEST sobs. i think its because she was french and wanted attention. i don't think they were abusive, just dramatic. nevertheless, my active imagination always had someone bound and gagged and left to die in the closet. at least until i saw them the next day.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

i had a philly cheassteak sandwhich and vinegar and salt potato chips. their wasn't a fair in my town.
not that i can follow up the previous, ten times more interesting story but: my mom lured me home with zuchinni bread just to force me to eat MORE CHICKEN SALAD!! if i never see chicken salad again it will be too soon. well... until next week or something.

so the fair is like a walking case of heartburn. At this special fair day is really eerie cause everyone walking around is wearing business clothes with their ID badge around their neck. I felt bad that it worked out that ginni couldnt go with her coworkers she just had to hang out with me. At one point when we wear chowing down using a pickup truck bed as our table this person came up to us wondering if we were still hiring employees for our booth. Ginni and i were both flabbergasted and slightly horrified/thrilled to be mistaken for fair employeed. Its like we smelled like cabbage or something.

So Ginni had a ham biscuit from one of the church booths for the first meal while I had chili cheese fries. My fries were so disappointing they were school cafeterial style which just wasnt cutting it. Ginni's biscuit was pretty good. I think i would have put some hot sauce or mustard on it though.

For the second course we split these Giant onion rings. they were about an inch thick withthe flaky breading not like the crumbly BK breading. They were a good choice. While we were in line there was this big argument between the employees over how to fix the peppers onions & sausage they were all yelling back and forth at each other while they were dripping sweat from the grills heat.
- I need sausage just peppers
- come get em its ready

and so on.

For dessert we had Fried Dough kind of elephant ear style not funnel cake style with chocolate and powdered sugar. It was good, but it was only lukewarm and after the burning onion rings it seemed kind of cold. and we were already stuffed so we could only finish 3/4 of it.

Now i'm sitting here in pain.
i almost drive teds f-150 truck to work. he is picking up my sister at the airport and driving her to charlotte and he was going to take my car cause the gas is so much cheaper. i was THRILLED with the idea of taking his truck to work today because of what you are about to read:

the state fair opens tomorrow and goes until the 26th. the day before the state fair opens (today) you can go to the fairgrounds, get in for free and eat all the fair food. they do this so that people can come and judge the concessions for the best of. you have to pay for the food, but its cool cause you get to walk around and see all the new sites for the year and eat all the delicious food. you can not ride the rides though. my work is beside the fair grounds so all of us have been planning to go together. i roped elizabeth into going because i knew she would LOVE the idea of going to the fair for free. with ted's truck, i was gonna haul everyone in the back. i ended up not getting the truck cause he did not have time to bring it over before picking up my sister, but i did get to wear his f-150 belt buckle to work today. it looks fabulous with my tuxedo shirt that i was going to take back.

we had a blast at the fair: best part: seeing one of my co-workers in running clothes jogging through the fair as elizabeth and i stuffed our faces

worst part: seeing this guy that i have seen around raleigh a few times before. he seems really, really nice. his face is burnt pretty badly and it looks like it is melting. i feel sorry for him. he seems to be happy though, which makes me happy.

elizabeth and i rode separately from my co-workers. none of them are back yet. elizabeth'll blog about what we ate. i already have heartburn.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

taco bell. dos double deckers por favor.
my mom just did a luncheon and made WAY too much chicken salad. so shes been insisting i eat the chicken salad for every meal.
its totally delish. but im sick of it.
Large wendy's chili and a baked potato. I ate the skin, which is always a toss up when you get a potato at wendys or golden corral or wherever you can imagine slimy hands mangling the potatoes.
today i had a bear rock box lunch. it was pretty good. i had the rising sunflower which is a turkey sandwich with some good stuff on it, chips and a cookie. i was going to eat some chicken, brussels sprouts, and spinach that ted made for me last night, but my boss was gonna be late for an in house client lunch meeting so he begged me to go and bribbed me with lunch. it was an easy way to score, so i said okay. tomorrow i have a lunch appointment that i don't want to talk about until tomorrow and friday i am going to get bbq, so i am going to take my chicken home to eat for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

i'm not sure i technically had "lunch". because of my class schedule i end up having snacks before and after a normal lunchtime, so in my 11:40-1:20 class i ate a carrot, and after my next class got out at 3:10 i had an apple and some cottage cheese with pineapple. oh, and a luna bar--chocolate peppermint stick flavor. to borrow a chevy-ism, those are delish!
today i had chili and an oatmeal and creme cookie.
chicken soup from Wild Oats and a ham sandwich. pretty good overall.
my friend scott is in town from england. we went to this fancy restaurant we hung out at in highschool. i was jonesing for the cobb salad. its so good you wanna cry about it. im dying to take ginni there one day.
after eating too much of my turkey sub I couldnt eat the chips I bought or the cookie i coveted. Oh well. I think im going to be too stuffed to eat dinner.

Monday, October 13, 2003

i went to lunch with my co-workers cause i did not feel like eating chili by myself. i went to a mexican restaurant and i had a spicy beef burrito. it was my first time there with them so i was required to by the cheese sauce for everyone. its funny that chevy had a dr. pepper with her lunch, because i decided i was going to have one today as well- i also never drink them- but the machine did not have it so i was disappointed.
week two of the healthy life started today. for lunch i had a grilled salmon patty, with some steamed broccoli and leftover grilled tofu. i would cut off my arm to have a bacon cheeseburger, milk shake, onion rings and a slab of chocolate cake. but i don't want to go around with one arm, so i'll stick to the healthy life.
the office manager forgot to ask me if i wanted anything from mcdonalds when she went, which is just as well, you know. but i had gross-o healthy choice frozen dinner, some honey mustard chicken and vegetables. HC is a terrible brand of frozen food, and i bought two of them months ago when it was on sale and have been putting off eating it, because the first one I ate was supposed to be chicken but it tasted like fish. yuck. today's was like eating crap covered in a slimy film which is now all over my mouth. I'm gonna have to go next door and get a mcflurry to cover it up. can you tell i'm still hungover and cranky form this weekend?
i really wanted an iceburg lettuce salad with runny ranch dressing. kind of a school lunch salad. i went to this lunch counter and got one. the chicken on it was great. it hit the spot for awhile, but i got sick of it halfway thru. i also had a dr. pepper which i never get.
I had chicken enchiladas today. I'm home for Columbus Day, so I decided to be productive and cook something for the week.

Friday, October 10, 2003

i had another naked fajita today. the best kind of fajitas are the hot steaming naked kind.
i went with brian to get mexican. ... him and me always get mexican cos randy hates it. i was kind of a pain to the waitress on accident. it was delish, but the portions were too small. this explains how it was so cheap. i spent most of the meal complaining about randys selfishness.
Lean Cusine beef stroganoff. It was just alright. Tonight, I'm going to make my famous curry, so I have something to look forward too.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

the two cups of coffe i had in the morning killed my appetite. today i had a seasame bagel with plain creamchease, locks, red onions and capers. its good but it makes your hands smell like fish.
i had a wieght watchers veggie pizza. it was alright. it wouldve been better in the oven than the microwave. my mom had made pumpkin bread tho and it was still warm and totally delish.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

i used my snazzy new george foreman grill to make some 'steak' (fancy word for cheap meat) that was rubbed in garlic, i steamed some mustard greens and then put lemon juice on them, had some grilled red onions, and 'treated' myself to a small portion of mashed sweet potato. oh, and don't forget the glass of fat-free milk.

baby needs to be famous, and she ain't gonna do it looking like natalie from the facts of life.
I have been eating junk all day. My co-workers organized a suprise birthday breakfast for me today and we have been eating ever since. We've had bagels, brownies, babka, fruit, on and on. I'm on such an unbelievable sugar high, which hasn't been helped by the two cups of coffee I've downed to keep warm in this cold, cold office.
i had this filthy swedish meatballs lean cuisine. i also had a delicious brownie.
we had "wraps" delivered to our office today. I hate the increase of the word wrap as a food source. It took a freaking hour and a half to get here because it was raining and they are one of the only places downtown that deliver. I had (#53) one with chicken cream cheese tomatoes onions jalapenos and ranch with salsa "dipping sauce," also a terrible name that has seen an increased use on menus.

taco supremo salad from wendys. its accross the street. i do love it, but i would not eat it as much if it wasn't accross the street.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

same thing as yesterday. eggplant pizza.
i had a philly chease steak from the great escape. it was good but i don't think it was enough. i'll think i'm gonna go for a coke and a bag of chips now too.
Turkey, avocado and lettuce on a hoagie roll, cheese Nips and a Cheerwine. My dad brought me a 12 pack from NC and it's been the highlight of lunch this week and last.
i got a tuna salad sandwich and a cup of tomato cheddar basil soup from lorettas. my mom asked me to bring her lunch this morning so i got her a chicken salad sandwich and a cup of oriental chicken soup. i got both cos i thought she might want to switch. she didnt like either soup. i had to bring it to the store where she works and one lady called me the earring girl and my mom kept calling me a hero. it was embarrassing.
At my fave lunch restaurant they have daily specials, and its the only eatery that i dont have a set menu item, and i throw myself to the special gods and eat whatever is that days featured item. today was grilled roast beef and cheddar with 1000 island on sourdough bread with rasberry dijon pasta salad and a pickled carrot. i really wanted the other special but it contained pineapple. it was tasty, but im leaving grease marks on the keyboard again.

Monday, October 06, 2003

today i had eggplant pizza. the pizza was left over from a date that megan and ted had on saturday night. i was working at the catering place and i came home and ted was sitting in the tv chair and megan was all laid out on the couch. they rented movies and ate pizza together. i am slowly being replaced in my relationship by megan. she will win all of ted's affections because she eats less pizza so he doesn't have to compete as much for the food. oh well. at least they weren't wearing footed pjs and sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn between them like they planned.
i had a pressed sandwhich (panini) from presstos. haha. that's dumb.
i am dedicating my life to being a whole new me. bye bye fast food, grease, fat, carbs, soda, sugar, cookies... ugh. so, the new me just ate lunch: grilled steak on wilted greens (mustard greens, raddiccio and another green whose name i totally can't remember but it always shows up in fancy salads). i wilted the greens in some garlic, and put spices on the meat, like ginger and allspice. i must admit, it's yummy. and water. i'm drinking loads of water. yay for the new me!
chicken bacon onion pesto pizza, delivered to the office. we ate in the conference room on placemats and it seemed very civilized.
i had a lean cuisine lasagna at my parents house. i also had one of these brownies my mom made. she made them from this recipe i insist is not as good as the one she used to use. she has gotten to be all i told you so about it tho cos theyre so good it hurts.

Friday, October 03, 2003

i had a bento (japanese for box lunch). you get them from the bentobar cart on 16th street. basicly its teriyaki chicken and grilled veggies with soy sauce and spice on a bed of brown rice. it pretty healthy and only costs $5.
I had beef stroganoff from the lunch cart. It was kind of gross.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

so it was back to the campus food court for me today. i thought i'd play it safe this time and go for carl's junior. (oh dear, are those all over the country?) only the line was the most hideous experience, very long and complicated. so much so that i half expected to board space mountain when my turn was up. it also was lousy in that i had to be in line and avoid being recognized by two fellow english department students. one of them is this really super annoying girl who wears velvet flowered shirts and loves to tell the story of how one professor spent the whole quarter calling her racist. i was so thrilled that she chose the time in line to tell the story... again. anyhow, it was impossible to go wrong with my western bacon cheeseburger (meat! cheese! bbq sauce! bacon! onion rings!) with a side of criss-cut fries and a big old rootbeer. as if carl's junior wanted to compensate for the line situation, i discovered a single piece of fried zucchini inside my fries sleeve. total bonus.
during lunch i went back to durham so that i could put gel in ted's eye, on the way to the apartment i went to burger king to get lunch for us. i got a chicken sandwhich combo for me and i got ted the whopper combo with bacon and cheese, i doubled it and held the onions. when i got home, ted opened the bag and he saw "no pickle" on the label. he opened the sandwich and it was a single, no bacon, no cheese. totally wrong. i felt like a failure, but i was assertive in my statement that i ordered it right. we looked further in the bag, and guess what?? they gave us 2 burgers! ted's real burger was in there too. he ate both of them. he was totally high on painkillers (cause of the eye thing) and was telling me about watching ally mcbeal and 90210.

i ate as fast as i could and went back to the office. i did all of this in 1:10. pretty fast, huh? i live about 25 minutes from where i work.
I just ate lunch with my best friend from elementary school. i havent seen her since 1991, and she was just the same so it was pretty great. she lives here in denver and i met her and her workmates at India House on Blake Street. Tomorrow I am meeting my other best friend from elem. school. They werent friends with each other when i lived there, they just knew each other through me, but then they got to HS and became best friends and moved to Denver together. I think I saw this second girl in about 1996, and our parents are still best friends. Its so weird to meet all these people on lunch breaks from a business meeting.
Akai Hana leftovers, specifically, tempura udon. I ate all the tempura last nite, but the noodles were still good, and some of the fried stuff was left over in the broth, a bit mushy but still flavorful. Akai Hana is the best Japanese restaurant in north carolina, carrboro shouldn’t be so lucky.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Here in denver we wandered around and tried to go to some place called Lime that someone recommended. but it was closed so we went o some place with a two word name that i forget. it was a cuban place and i had shredded meat with black beans and rice and fried plantain and some kind of plantain chip for dessert.
Combo sushi box from Kroger....what was I thinking?
i went to salsa fresh with a co-worker. he bought my lunch because i gave him some northern exposure vhs tapes. i got a vegeterian burrito, chimighanga style (which means fried) and a coke. i have never had a fried burrito before. it sure was good.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Homemade jerk BBQ chicken with onions, baked beans (maple/bacon flavored), and cottage cheese
two years ago when i started back up at my college (after almost four years away, aaaaah!), i was super excited because there was a kick-ass food court on campus. well, because god hates me, that first day back i was all ready to order up some orange chicken from panda express between classes--only--horror of horrors--the food court was closed down and then demolished. it took them two years to build the new one--two years i had to either bring a lunch, starve, or buy something so greasy it slid right off the counter of the 'roach coach' and into my hands. today i got to eat at the new food court! because my campus is ultra-PC, we have food from all over the world represented--sushi, chinese, all-american, and coming soon: mexican, juice/smoothies, and ice cream. oh, for the love of god! food court, i sing thy praises! anyhow, today i had a two-item chinese food combo. it wasn't entirely gross, but passable. sub-par chow mein, sadly. oh well. thursday i go back to try the uber-trendy boba drink. i would go back now, but i don't want to shoot my wad in one attempt, you know what i mean?
I had a gyro sandwhich and six fallafel balls. I love saying the words fallafel balls.
today i had shrimp creole without the rice and a bagel. one of our vendors brought in bagels from panera for all of us this morning. i got a bagel that i thought was a garlic bagel. turns out it was a french toast bagel. talk about shock!!!
I had some weird potato cheetoo thingys I bought for the first time this weekend. They are fat-free, which means, just like many fat-free chip products, they make you sick to your stomach :( I also had chef salad and four of ginger snaps.
so another grilled chicken caesar salad with vinagrette dressing and a fruit and yogurt parfait for dessert. two gross things happened during lunch, one of the guys that worked at the "restaurant" had cauliflower ear like you read about in 9th grade health class, and a roach crawled out of my pencil holder.

Monday, September 29, 2003

an apple.

sad, isn't it?
i had a meeting with a potential client. he took FOREVER to eat. and my card got denied cos it was demagnified at the airport. that was plenty embarrassing. i had this chicken marsala pasta. it was supposed to be on fusilli but it was tubes. it was good tho. now i have the shittiest breath/burps ever.
Today I had taco bell. I got what I always get when I go there. Two double deckers and a coke.
I had a stir fry bowl from Trader Joe's (the best grocery store in the world).
vegetable sandwiches (the southern/english kind, chopped up carrots, cucumbers mixed with mayonaise and put on white bread with the crusts cut off and cut into finger sizes), a v8 and a mixture of cool guacamole and salt and pepper chips.

i had a bunch of sandwiches for megan, but she left them at my house.
i'm still eating leftovers from the company meetings/parties. so i had pimiento cheese on melba toast (the toast was too greasy) and cheetos and doritos. it was totally orange. someone tried to offer me leftover shrimps but as a total orangist i refused em on a color basis. I didnt let that stop me from eating a sugar cookie for dessert though. I'll probably have a brownie later too.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Today I did errands at lunch, and when I got back, I immediately got really busy and somehow forgot to eat. At 3:30 I nuked some Wolfgang Puck's chicken and rice soup and ate some cottage cheese as a side. I was surprised to notice orzo in the soup in addition to the rice. It was good though - his soups are all pretty tasty. Wednesday and Thursday I ate the same thing I did on Tuesday.
say no to the fruit cup!

I had a ham sandwhich and doritos which were good. Then I had tapioca pudding from Nature's and now I have an urgent need to vomit.
i had a philly steak sandwhich and a large coke. the coke tastes especialy good cause the weather is so nice. it's one of those perfect indian summer days.
I had a roast beef sandwich from the lunch cart, although I really think I should have gone for the chicken cacciatore and pasta on special.
4 cups of coffee....
just went to lunch with my friend from the arts council. we went to applebee's which she thought was a scream. i thought it was a totally normal, unfunny thing to do. i got the southwestern chicken salad. a real hit or miss operation. today it was delish. but with gross guacamole.

( we finally solved the riblets mystery. apparantly its some part of the shoulder. the waitress told us.)
i went to wendys again with one of my co-workers. i had the #4. big bacon classic with cheese, fries and a diet coke. i never once considered getting the fruit cup.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

today i steak soft tacos and a coke but i'm already hungry again. yesterday i got in trouble a work so just ran down to the convenience store for a wrap to eat at my desk while waiting for my boss to arrive.
hey ya'll! I'm at the company meeting and we had roast beef sandwiches, potato salad, broccolli salad, chips, and and ice cream sandwich sundae dessert. Yummmm.
i went out to an italian place- i think called vivo with my co-workers. my boss paid for mine. i got triple mushroom chicken marsala on mushroom risotto. it was good. on the way back we stopped and i got the outkast cd.
i went with my brother to this great sub shop. i got the turkey melt which is turkey, ranch, onions, tomatoes all melted up under swiss. then we had to go get my mom a cookie cos the cookies there were lame grandma brand.
i was out and about living my glamorous life, so i went the way of the mcdonald's drive thru lane. i got the two cheeseburgers meal, which i never get, and as an added bonus it gave me a rousing case of indigestion. like i said, my life is glamorous.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

went to the rockford with co-workers. one of my co-workers picked my sandwich and i picked his. had the foccacia sandwich which had roasted red peppers, pepperoni, ham and some other stuff and a side of mashed potatoes. he had the roast beef melt which had pineapple on it. afterwards we went to the cream and bean and i had moon pie and coffee ice cream.
so after all that wendys talk i couldnt stand it and had to go. had the single combo. it was delish. i was quite surly before lunch. i think i will be riding this grease euphoria for at least another 20 minutes.
Turkey sandwich on a sub roll and an orange supplemented by another sampling of pasta salad, macaroni salad, doritos cheetos and some kind of peanut butter cereal bar with chocolate icing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Grilled greek-style marinated chicken, with pepperocinis, peppercorn feta, no tomatoes (forgot them today). Also, cottage cheese and an apple.

Grilled chicken, pepperocinis, peppercorn feta, chopped tomato from my garden, with a side of cottage cheese, but no apple this time. Don't ask me to explain that.
i had a hummus and fetta begal at Einsteins. I opted for the potato salad side and a pickle. this is a real light lunch for me. oh well.
I had a bowl of vegetable soup and an everything bagel with garden veggie cream cheese.
i just went and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe with my dad. it was nice but i was guilty about smoking cos people were so close. i smoked anyway. and i had to get my mom a sandwich, i got her the chicken salad, but i didnt want it cos its the kind with grapes. i got this turkey, havarti sandwich with apricots and green chili mayonaisse. it was really good, but the pasta salad was like cool ranch doritos in pasta form.
today i went to wendys. i drove a couple of my co-workers. one had to sit in the back of my car with a chair that i have been driving around for 2 weeks. hee hee.
At lunch I got the new Outkast, and had the hardest freaking time getting it open. the double album gimmick means that the top and bottom have the protective plastic sticker label so you cant turn it inside out from the hinge to get the label off. and then I couldnt figure out which one i wanted to listen to first. but i finally got it. its like i was acting like my mom with her new christmas music cd from pottery barn or something. but does anyone else still get a little thrill when the album has a Parental Advisory sticker on it? i feel all naughty and remember when i got Appetite for Destruction for my birthday in 6th grade and my dad had to read the liner notes but gave it back to me anyway and then my birthday party went and saw say anything. I felt like such a teenager. But anyway, for lunch I had a veggie bagel on a rosemary and olive oil bagel and a half of a salt bagel with salsa cream cheese.

Monday, September 22, 2003

i didn't eat breakfast at breakfast-time, so i saved it for lunch time. which means i had bacon, eggs and toast with this awesome pink grapefruit marmalade. (notice the inclusion of bacon, the world's tastiest meat?)
Today I went to Anthony's pizza and had two slices of super greasy new york style pizza with sausage and a mr. pibb. I used to go there about once a week but have tired of it recently. but it was nice cause the girl behind the counter still remembered me and cred enough to ask why I haven't been coming around lately.
i did not have time to post on thursday (pizza brought in because of the hurricane and because i was in a meeting/staff input session- i had slice of each: pineapple and bacon, cheese and pepperoni) or friday (panera brought lunch to everyone in our office for free- i had a tuna salad sandwich, chips and a cookie). if you were counting, that means i had lunch provided for me on wed, thurs, and fri of last week.

today i forgot my lunch so i went out with my co-workers. we tried to get indian food but went to 3 indian restaurants that were closed on mondays. we ended up going to a japanese place, 4 out of 5 of us ordered the same thing. i think it was called kudon. its rice, with onions, pork cutlet, eggs and japanese gravy- all baked together. it was good. i made one co-worker self conscious because he always says, "how does it taste" instead of "is that good" or something more normal. i have never heard anyone use the word taste as much as he does. he is afraid to comment now. whoops. so, i guess i had my foot for lunch too.

also, when i ordered, i asked for some water in my lemon instead of the other way around. the 4 boys that i went to lunch with were pretty happy about that.
i went home and had a spaghetti and meatballs lean cuisine cos i was too lazy to make a sandwich. i microwaved it at the same time as the tv in the kitchen was on which was rebellious cos my moms paranoid and freaks when i do that. i also had a bunch of these little eclairs. i couldnt stop myself.
Everyone in my office is still suffering from a lack of power, so we all had to go elsewhere for lunch today. Three of us went to the Department of Agriculture cafeteria. I didn't have much money and my stomach hates me, because I have had to eat a lot weird stuff over the last few days, so I just had a sandwich and a diet pepsi.
This weekend we had our company picnic here at work, and I was POSITIVE when i left the house this morning that there would be mountains of leftover ribs waiting for me when i got here, and i wouldnt be eating the lean cuisine roasted vegetable pizza I brought.

I was wrong. No dice on the ribs. There was still macaroni and chicken pasta salad and twisted cheetos and doritos and pickles and peanut butter pie, so I ate all of that with my pizza instead of ribs.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

i went to this diner in my high school neighborhood with my friend bunny. i had 'rocky cod chunks' which is basically an unattractive way of saying fish and chips. they make the world's best coleslaw there, too, so that was a bonus. i had a chocolate chip shake and decided to never order one again because the chips get stuck in the straw and at the end you're left with spoonfuls of chips and they aren't even that tasty. besides, i don't like to work for my indulgent rewards, you know?

Friday, September 19, 2003

Greek salad without the salad: Grilled chicken, pepperocinis, peppercorn feta, chopped tomato from my garden. About an hour later I swiped a piece of free pizza from the break room even though I wasn't hungry. The pizza was from a place near my house that I've never tried, so I convinced myself I had to try it as a "test." It was decent, not great.
Went to chipolte again. Got another free coke. The guy behind the register knows i spend some serious dough there. i got the naked fajita. welcome slp.
i comitted the cardinal sin of going to the grocery store and being hungry at the same time. then i shopped for so long i kind of wore myself out, and the idea of making something for lunch didn't sound so fun afterwards. but then gross fast food didn't sound good either. so instead i went home and made a blt. four hundred times better than any restaurants because i load on the bacon. i love bacon. i'd make a crappy jew and a crappy vegetarian. i've tried to be both in the past. yum, lunch!
Subway. Eat Fresh. Yeah Right.
i had this swanky bbq sandwich at the flying frog. they even let me substitute salad for potato salad. which is terrif cos they have shitty potato salad but fantastic cucumber ranch dressing.
a grilled chicken caesar salad. and i'm too embarrassed to say where it is from.
Today's lunch will be a nice change of pace. I'm meeting a former professor for lunch at Pepper's. Always a good meal.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Bowl of vegetable soup, grilled chicken breast (Italian marinade), cottage cheese.
Turkey and avocado sandwhich on sourdough. I kep biting into little bits of hard processed turkey fat. It was gross. Then I had a white nectarine which turned out to be really slimey. Bad lunch day for me.
i had to go to a workshop today. it wasnt the snoozefest i thought it would be. only kinda horrible. but we had untypical buffet food. this chicken and strawberry salsa, and these orzo/feta boats in zucchini. it was actually pretty good. the ranch for the salad was top notch. and frankly you cant beat a roll with butter.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I was out running errands during most of my lunch hour today so i stooped in for a qiuck philly and fries from steak escape. I'm not a very big fan of there sandwhiches (mostly cause the bread is kinda hard) but if you get it with A1 sauce and banana peepers it's tollerable.
Same thing as Monday, and Tuesday...
turkey sandwich from home, a cup of chili from wendy's, and some red grapes. did you know that a bag of grapes at the grocery store costs over $4! im saving an orange for later, since the chili replaced that space in my belly.
I had tuna noodle gratin lean cusine-thing for lunch today. It was pretty good, but I was starving an hour later, so I went down to the vending machines to get something else. I put my dollar in the machine to get a diet pepsi and of course the bottle got stuck, so there went that dollar. Then I decided to get some pretzels, I put my fifty cents in and hit the JACKPOT. Things just started falling out of the machine, it was crazy. I really thought the whole machine was going to empty out, but it stopped after barbeque chips, cheese crackers, pretzels, twinkys, milky way bar and a couple of other things had fallen. I didn't quite know what to do, part of me wished I had had my purse with me to bring some stuff back for my officemates (or stash them in my desk for another day), but I didn't and I really didn't want to walk through the museum lobby, onto the elevator, and through the archives and library, carrying an arm full of junk food. So, I just grabbed my pretzels and the milky way bar and told the security guards on break that there was free food in the machine.
went to a brown bag seminar at work on Classic Graphics. we learned about how they could help us fulfill our clients needs. at the brown bag they had boxed lunches for us from bear rock. i had a turkey and swiss, with potato salad and a big chocolate chip cookie. they also gave me a bag of pretzels, but i am saving that for later.

the funny thing about the brown bag is this: before i left, i im-ed my boss to let him know that i was going to the brown bag, his im handle starts with a "b" and so does chevy's. accidently, i im-ed chevy to tell her i was going to the brown bag. i did not realize my mistake until i got back.
i ate a crummy sandwich at my moms house. my brother was there hurrying me cos he needed a ride. the sandwich was okay but i toasted the bread to much so it was all mouth cutty. and my mom was out of mayo. good tomatoes tho. they were grown at the lake.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

today i had some chicken that i made last night. we are getting rid of all the stuff in our freezer just in case the 'cane comes, so i had chicken with spinach and broccoli. i seasoned it with lots of lemon, some lime, pepper, salt, cilantro, dill, and a little bit of butter. it was yummy. however, it was not enough to fill me up, so i had to get some captain wafers crackers with honey/peanut butter. now i am real full.

its been kinda fun preparing for this storm. they are now saying that it is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday, its only a category 3, but that could increase before it hits on thursday. it is scheduled to come right to durham/raleigh/chapel hill. tonight i am going to do all my laundry so that i have clothes to wear. i dont want to run out of underwear!!
i thought i would be lazy since i went to the dentist and go to mcdonalds and i ordered chicken mcnuggests a cheeseburger and fries. totally gross. but delicious. i had to just chew on one side of my mouth since the other side is numb.

Monday, September 15, 2003

today i had a philly cheesesteak from quiznos. whats the deal with that place. everyone seems to love it, but i think it sucks!
Soup and Salad from Nature's - sorry, it's Wild Oats now. The salad was good, but the soup tasted like they made the original recipe then watered it down to make twice as much. And this guy Nate who is a brewer just told me that's exactly how they make Bud and PBR. They increase the alcohol content of the batch, then add carbonated water to it. Hmmm...
Apparently hot dog season is officially over. I ate a greek salad (lettuce, feta, tomato, onion, and pepperocinis) with chicken that I marinated and grilled last night, cottage cheese and a Gala apple.
today i had another sandwhich from jhonny mcguires. it's called the buhdda. stacked on white bread is turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bannana peppers, mayo-curry spread and sunflower seeds.
I put all of the food I had left together last night and ended up with whole wheat pasta, chicken, broccoli and some fat-free cheese. It was pretty good. It went well with the sugar cookies my co-worker brought in.
baked spaghetti.
my mom and brother called up and said they were bringing shit by my office to put in the dumpster and did i wanna get lunch? my mom wanted to go to salsas but i wasnt in the mood for pork in chocolate with pinapple serrano chutney under a banana leaf. so we went to lorettas. i had a tuna sandwich and gazpacho.

Friday, September 12, 2003

home for lunch, the usual turkey cheddar and tomato, some kinda "natural" cheez puffs that stephen has been dying to try, orangina (for such a terrible name this is such a great drink)
i went to lunch with my co-workers to a place called evoo. evoo stands for extra virgin olive oil. i had a crab cake sandwich and french fries with sea salt. it was great, but a little on expensive side. on the way back to the office we drove by jesse helms house. its a very modest house.
Right now I'm eating Bertucci's pizza that my boss bought for us. I grabbed a slice of has italian sausage and ricotta cheese. It's pretty good. I love Bertucci's rolls.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Today I ate for lunch: avocado, cucumber and carrot sushi rolls and an apple. For breakfast I had a brownie and milk.
today i went to lunch at chick-fil-a with two of my co-workers. i had a #1.

while at lunch o ne of my co-workers started talking about a printing press he recently bought with another co-worker. he stated that the suicide note was still on it. confused by what he meant, i began to ask more questions. apparently the previous owners of the printing press, a reclusive couple, committed suicide this summer. my co-workers did not find out about this until they were on their way to go get the press in virginia. they had to go to the house to pick it up. the story that he told was a very creepy story. you can read more about it here: http://www.sfwa.org/News/onale.htm. apparently the note is a poem.
i just had a chicken salad sandwich with a cup of parmesean/ broccoli soup. i was losing it before lunch. i feel much better now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Indian food buffet (all you can eat) - chicken makhani, some kind of ground lamb dish with peas (Kibi Wat?), a couple of pieces of Nan, rice, a few fried onions, and some potato curry thing. Immediately went into a heavy food coma and could barely stay awake all day.
Tuna melt with salad (had sunflower seeds in it-yum), pepsi, and a pecan turtle. so good!
i wasnt hungry at lunch but drove past a mcdonalds and couldnt stand it. so i had a hamburger and a coke.
I had some chicken and mac and cheese today. I've been sick for three days, so I needed some good ol' southern comfort food.
today i had spudizza from amante gourmet pizza. this pizza was like a loaded baked potato pizza. it had bacon, cheddar cheese, diced potatoes with a few peppers and onions mixed in (kinda like hash brown potatoes), jalapenos, and there was sour cream to put on top. it was delicious. we ordered it last night and ted hated it because of the peppers and onions, so i got to have all the leftovers and everything. yummy.

i got it because when i was in italy i had a pizza with potatoes, bacon and rosemary on it. it was delicious.
Last night i made cracker chicken stew and brought it for lunch today. the only ingredients are 1 fat hen, a box of butter, a tablespoon of red pepper, and a box of saltines. oh and black pepper to taste. next time i wont use so much butter because i dont think my hen was fat enough. I aslo had a cranberry bagel with special imported french jams we have here at work. we are having a tasting because we might start selling them. i tried wild berries, black currant, and fig. there are 10 more flavors to try, all with more intimidating titles.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I had a salami sandwich and a brownie with sweat tea.
i had to go to this meeting today and on our way back we stopped in this restaurant that looked like a strip club. but it turned out to be this sort of old fashioned steak house. i had this black and blue salad that was fantastic. the steak was anyway. the bleu could have been a little more toe jammy.
Feeling adventurous - today I had an orange with my turkey hot dog with ketchup and deli mustard and cottage cheese.
today we had another work lunch. we went to a southwestern restaurant and for some reason i decided to get a chicken cordon blue sandwich. a french specialty. this was dissappointing on many levels. i have had not had chicken cordon blue in a long time, but i remember loving it as a kid cause we got the tysons ones with the swiss and ham inside, the chicken was breaded. well at this southwestern restaurtant, it was grilled chicken and the bun was fresh from the bag. plus it just wasn't that good. the marinade for the chicken was weird and when i asked for mustard they gave me heinz yellow pourable mustard. i could have made a better sandwich. the french fries were good, though.

at lunch i had great conversation with some of my favorite co-workers.
for the second day in a row, i've had stoned wheat thins with sliced cheese and sliced turkey. the crackers came from big lots, and both the cheese and the turkey cam pre-packaged. i am living the high life. hence the stoned crackers.
a bbq tray with slaw and hush puppies and pork skins but i didnt eat the skins, they just come along for the ride. My fingers are greasy and are leaving marks all over my computer.
My typical law school lunch consists of a sandwich made with all natural peanut butter on some ultra-grainy bread, a banana, and an apple. So very exciting.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Today is the first day of what supposedly is to be months and months of rain. Not daunted by the slight drizzle, Jeremy cooked us hamburgers out on the new grill. Of course it started to pour as soon as he threw them on, but even still very very tasty. I haven't quite come to grips with the watery soy mayo from Trader Joe's, but the heinz cleared that right up. I had a couple of stale tortilla chips on the side and a big glass of milk for good measure. yum.
Peruvian ceviche tuna. Kidding. I had the usual: turkey hot dog with ketchup and deli mustard, apple, cottage cheese

Brunch in Pacific City - 2 scrambled eggs, perfect hash browns with extra salt and ketchup, 4 pieces of bacon, which was not as crisp as I'd like. The waitress sat down at the table with us while we ordered. It was weird.

A sammich consisting of tomato from my garden, fresh basil, and smoked mozzarella from Zupan's.
It is a rainy, cool day and i had Chinese while reading Raymond Chandler. The egg roll was prefectly fried, not too greasy. I spent the whole meal trying to determine whether i liked the taste of the garlic chicken. I don't think i did. I didnt really eat teh Hot & Sour soup that came with it. The woman at the table next to me turned around and said "I'm pregnant, and cant tell if things really do taste funny, can you tell me if this tea tastes old?" It just tasted like chinese food sweet tea to me. My fortune was "Everyone has enemies." On the way back i heard the NPR voice that says "ADM the supermarket to the world" and all those sponsor things at the end of a show read the lyrics to "Welcome to the Jungle." I think he's trying to diversify because him doing the voiceover to some symbol book that comes with audio directions. After 3 PM ET you can hear the reading here.
today i went out to lunch with work people. we went to edwards mills bar and grill. i had a buffalo chicken sandwich and french fries. they had real blue cheese dressing instead of ranch or watery blue cheese. it was good. i drank sweet tea.

out of the 12 people that went, 2 of them were guys. i must be popular because i rode over there in the car with the two guys. at lunch we talked about o.c., paradise hotel, and reality tv shows. o.c. was compared to dawsons creek with 90210 characters. everyone agreed that they hope it stays on the air a while.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Boss's boss brought in Krispy Kreme's this morning, and I ate two so I told myself I would skip lunch or at least eat less, and eat later in the afternoon, but I had the usual: turkey hot dog with deli mustard and ketchup, cottage cheese, apple. My lunch habits may actually be too boring for this site. I tend to eat the same work lunch for a week or two straight. I've been on the hot dog kick for a while now.
today i had pizza. thin crust pepperoni and mushroom and thin crust bacon and mushroom. it was from the papa johns in my neighborhood. the dominos in my neighborhood is better than the papa johns. in teds neighborhood the papa johns is better than the dominos.

it is insane how much ted loves pizza. i am getting so sick of pizza. but yet, i still crave it at times so i can't give it up either.
We tried to have just a ladies day for lunch, but when we told our boss we were all leaving we felt bad and invited him, which was sort of disappointing. But then he ended up picking up the tab. We went to the Mexican place in City Market which is always packed with high rise workers. I got a chicken fajita burrito, which is basicaaly what comes on those sizzlin' fajita plates rolled up in a tortilla with sauce poured on top and rice on the side. it was tasty, but converstation was dull. it was all about the michael Peterson murder trial, which is the less notorious nationally, but more scandalous locally Peterson murder trial. i'm tired of it, and tired of talking to my coworkers. i hope that doesnt make me evil.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

turkey hot dog with deli mustard and ketchup, cottage cheese, Fritos (forgot the apple this morning)
hey yáll,

i had a delicious lunch of falefel, feta sauce, pita, greek salad, and lentil soup. i would like to read what everyone else had.

later, nate
So much talk about bacon! Well I have a bacon story too:
The BLT burrito from The Kitchen (kind of a whitey mexican food place in NYC). I actually tried to order this yesterday for lunch but there was a $12 minimum. So today I had cohorts go in with me so that it would be worth their while to deliver it.
IT WAS SO GROSS! What was I thinking? BLT burrito? I felt sure that bacon could not be put to any bad purposes (even though yesterday I ordered a bacon, egg, cheese from the diner and the bacon was super raw! i peeled it off but the smell of it still haunted me!). So I thought bacon and I would heal our relationship today. But this time, it was slabs of that gross thick British-style bacon. The kind you'd get served at the Chip Shop in Park Slope. The "L" was this really crunchy kale-type lettuce and the "T" was this nasty watery salsa. Plus it was loaded down with the spiciest chipolte mayo I've ever tasted. I was sweating bullets and couldn't belive how badly burned I got by a fusion burrito. I haven't had this much bacon trauma since the first time I got served halal bacon in a diner in Brooklyn.
Today, I decided not to have pita and hummus. I had part of a tex-mex chicken casserole that I made to eat for dinners this week. I also had some chips and black bean dip. It was a nice change and for once, I'm not starving 30 minutes after I get back to my desk.
i had bacon-wrapped hotdogs on saturday. bacon and hotdogs are heavenly. go to www.watchmeeatahotdog.com and scroll down to the september 2nd entry... yum! yum! today i have not eaten anything.... maybe i will find food on the way out to the mailbox but probbly not.
when will i learn that fast food bacon sucks sucks sucks (except for the bacon on the jr. bacon cheeseburger from wendy's)? the office manager went and got arby's and i thought i would try their "ultimate blt." terrible. terrible. 1 thin slice of tomato on each half. too much bad tasting mayo (it was like they took the horseys out of the horsey sauce) and too thick bread. it also has that gross peppered bacon like what bruegger's has. I also got a cherry turnover, but it is just sitting on my desk because i have immediate indigestion from the blt. i will eat it later. I promise i dont eat fast food everyday. My favorite part about this blog is getting to trash food that made me sick. its like a personal revenge.
today i had spicey sausage, peas, green beans and broccoli. the veggies were seasoned with salt, pepper and butter. it was delish. but, i also hate the word sausage so when i think about eating it, its kinda gross, but in reality its wonderful!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I went to one of the better sandwhich shops in downtown today. I usually go there on fridays as a treat but I'll be out of town so I went there today. I got a sandwhich called the "El Buey". It has roast beef, cheddar cheese, avacado and jalapenos as the main ingredients (also had onions, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes). Its served warm so the cheese is melted.
Today was my boss's birthday lunch, so we went to Portland Brewing Company. None of us drank any beer. I ate 2 very large onion rings, one half of a scotch egg, and half of a huge "drunken ham sandwich" which consisted of ham, swiss, fried onions, and tons of beer mustard - you know, the kind with the large brown seeds?
i had a half tuna sandwich and some broccoli parmesean soup. i got it from this great sandwich place lorettas. the people there are real tattooey and its real hot. it was delish.
today i had a tarragon chicken salad sub. the bread was toasted and i had melted pepper jack cheese on it. it also had lettuce, tomato and jalepeno mustard. i brought a combination of reduced fat pringles and salt and pepper utz chips for my side. i also brought a green plum, but i have not eaten it yet. i still have some salt and pepper chips left over so i am going to have a great snack later! which is good because i have to work until 7ish tonight.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

today i went to my favorite mexican restaurant, La Fiest, with a couple of guys from work. whenever i go there i get the "hubs burrito". it's not on the menu but people there know what it is. super burrito, beef and been, green chile, x-tra cheese. and a coke to wash it down with. and of course a couple of bowls of chips and salsa. mmmmm. i should go there more often.
Brought my lunch: turkey hot dog, apple, cottage cheese
despite the warnings of folks (namely miss elizabeth), the wheel o' lunch was spun and moe's was selected. i went since everyone else seemed okay with it and i did not want to rock the boat. it was not too bad. i am not sure i would go back, unless i was in a group with work people, but i didnt think it was nasty. you guys are all correct, tho, the names are terrible. i got a tofu burrito cause i could not remember what everyone said was gross. i would much rather go to the cosmic cantina any day o f the week. or even the armadillo grill.

for the rest of the week it will probably be chicken salad sandwiches.
i just had lunch with miss elizabeth. we went to early girl. i had this bbq chicken sandwich and great potato salad. she had a steak sandwich with basil mayo and this chicken beef vegetable soup, that sounded grody.. but looked good. and she said it was good.

Monday, September 01, 2003

I had brunch - a fried egg and 3 pieces of center cut bacon. I overcooked the eggs, but Justin was nice enough not to mention it.
saturday: i had brunch. veggie sausage (links and pattties), eggs and toast with pepper monterrey jack on it.

sunday: i had half a chicken salad sandwich at my mom's kitchen in charlotte

monday: i had a smoked mozzarella sandwich, with tomato and pesto on rye with ny cheddar kettle chips.

The lunch cart doesn't really move around as the name might suggest, but it could, I guess. They have pretty good food. You can always get a regular entree for $4.25, which has a meat and veggie or two and they also have sandwiches, soup and salad. I think baked potato bar Wednesdays are everyone's favorite.
So i went to Mcdonald's today. I've been trying to avoid going since this lunch blog started, and it is really embarassing how often i go. McD's is right next store, and the next closest place to eat is a few blocks away. So today, stuck at the office on Labor Day, I went. I ate a bacon grilled chicken garden salad with Vin. dressing. it was like a bowl of green sodium. Leave it to MCDonald's to make BACON a bad ingredient.

Friday, August 29, 2003

oh my gosh! one of y'all has an employee lunch cart!?!?! utz chips are the best. i especially like the salt and vinegar ones. i ate leftovers from the wine tasting yesterday.... brie on bread and some water.
i'm new to this blog thing, so hi everybody. i had a boring salad but i got the most delicious, buttery roll to go with it. i wish i had gotten a butter packet while in the cafeteria so i could have made the roll fattening and bad for me to counteract the salad. oh well, there's always next time...
I had a roast beef sandwich on rye from the employee cart today. I actually bought a soda, too, which I never do, but I wanted caffeine and its too freakin' hot for coffee. Unfortunately, I just realized I bought caffeine free coke...bummer.
I will be asleep at my desk any moment now.
Noah kindly made a lunch: Turkey, bacon, cheese, tomato sandwhich on wheat; an apricot (i think thats what it is called. i think ive only had it in fruit salad before. it looks like a red plum, but has orange flesh and is harder inside. i know im an idiot for not knowing this.); and utz salt and pepper potato chips. for some reason the chips are not listed on their webpage, and they are by far the best chips out there. i will probably have a mini-snickers or kit-kat to wash away this salty lunch.
i have the same lunch today that i had yesterday. broccoli and tuna noodle. i can't wait until this pan is done. only one serving left!!!
Scrapped the fruit cup idea. Cheeseburger, hot dog with the works, fries and coke. It was 97 F here, so I ate half of everything and tossed the rest (almost tossed the half I ate). Lukey poo joined me from a film shoot in Lincoln County for a training film at a steak house, somethin about safety with over 100 shots in 1 1/2 days, while the placed stayed open. They were shooting in a kitchen during a shift. Cheap bastards wouldn't shut down for a day to have a private set. Real safe, huh?

Thursday, August 28, 2003

I had a late lunch at chipolte. athey don't have any in NC yet but they do have about three of them in Atlanta. Anyway, I had a naked burrito (the ingredients of a burrito in a bowl instead of a tortilla). The guy working the register gave me a free drink because I eat there about once a week.
I misspelled despise.
Today, the owners bought food and brought it into work for everyone to eat because we have a wine tasting this afternoon. I dispise the owners so much, I couldn't even go into the kitchen to even see what food they brought in. If I had to go into the kitchen, I would've had to look at them all. But someone else brought in some marble pound cake from Guglhuph before lunch and I had a piece.
Damn. This is my second attempt to post. I ate at Lenoir on the UNC Campus today for the first time since I was an undergrad. I had a Southwest chicken wrap. The wrap was green from spinach. I think I should take my lunch to school.
thanks to the wheel o' lunch, i had barbecue chicken (dark meat), fried squash (i wanted regular, but they had that yesterday not today), sliced tomatoes, cornbread, two bites of a biscuit, and a piece of lemon cake.

Okay, anyone who wants to invite anyone else is welcomed to do so. I have made everyone an administrator, so they can go in to settings and invite people. Also, whoever wants to change the template, or figure out where to put links in case anyone wants to link back to personal blogs, be my guest. i dont feel like fooling with it right now. Also, if for some reason the team blog isnt working for you, and you would like to participate, you can leave your posting within someone's comments. If they are working, that is.
I have to warn everyone that I'm on a diet and I have no $$, so my lunch postings may be kind of boring. I had wow tortilla chips and salsa earlier and now I'm eating pita bread with hummus, sprouts, cucumbers and carrots.
getting ready to go eat my lunch now. again i have tuna noodle, but i kicked it up a notch today and also brought broccoli.

also, for anyone that lives in the raleigh area. we have this thing at my work called the wheel of lunch. its a little electronic wheel, like the wheel of fortune, that runs on a database and you can spin it and decide where to go to lunch. you can even choose places by the type of food you want and/or whether or not you are drinking. you can't see it from outside of our company, but today i spun it a couple of times for miss elizabeth b and that was how she decided where she went for lunch.
Seasame chicken, egg roll. Tune noodle is a good band name. Most likely, it will be fruit cup and capri sun for today.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

tuna noodle doesnt sound nasty to me. in fact, i dont like tuna fish, but was thinking that the name tuna noodle sounded so good that i wanted to try some. but i won't. i left my supper from last night on the stove all night so i couldnt eat it for lunch today. i was sad and it was just saffron rice and black beans.
i do that too! lasagna always gets me because it is so many servings. if you are the only one eating it, you have to eat it 8 times. that gets kinda hard. this tuna noodle is going to be the same way, same size pan.

does anyone else think the name tuna noodle is nasty? i hate the word tuna. i hate it worse when people say tuna fish. gross.
I went home for lunch and had lasagna. I've had it for the least three meals. I think after having it for dinner tonight I'll actually start to tire of it.
i had a fun size snickers bar for lunch.
I had some hummus on pita bread and a salad.
i dont know why the comments aren't working, but i will work on them tonight. If anyone else would like to join, let me know. for now, I guess if you want to comment just post again or something.
today i had this amy's pasta bowl. all of amys shit is kind of good but then has gross burps. i also had a luna bar. this is my idea of healthy.
From Snoopy's I got a chili dog with mustard onions and slaw on a steamed bun with onion rings. I ate too much and have really bad breath now.
today i had tuna noodle casserole. i am still hungry.


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