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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I had tuna noodle gratin lean cusine-thing for lunch today. It was pretty good, but I was starving an hour later, so I went down to the vending machines to get something else. I put my dollar in the machine to get a diet pepsi and of course the bottle got stuck, so there went that dollar. Then I decided to get some pretzels, I put my fifty cents in and hit the JACKPOT. Things just started falling out of the machine, it was crazy. I really thought the whole machine was going to empty out, but it stopped after barbeque chips, cheese crackers, pretzels, twinkys, milky way bar and a couple of other things had fallen. I didn't quite know what to do, part of me wished I had had my purse with me to bring some stuff back for my officemates (or stash them in my desk for another day), but I didn't and I really didn't want to walk through the museum lobby, onto the elevator, and through the archives and library, carrying an arm full of junk food. So, I just grabbed my pretzels and the milky way bar and told the security guards on break that there was free food in the machine.

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