what i had for lunch

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

At lunch I got the new Outkast, and had the hardest freaking time getting it open. the double album gimmick means that the top and bottom have the protective plastic sticker label so you cant turn it inside out from the hinge to get the label off. and then I couldnt figure out which one i wanted to listen to first. but i finally got it. its like i was acting like my mom with her new christmas music cd from pottery barn or something. but does anyone else still get a little thrill when the album has a Parental Advisory sticker on it? i feel all naughty and remember when i got Appetite for Destruction for my birthday in 6th grade and my dad had to read the liner notes but gave it back to me anyway and then my birthday party went and saw say anything. I felt like such a teenager. But anyway, for lunch I had a veggie bagel on a rosemary and olive oil bagel and a half of a salt bagel with salsa cream cheese.

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