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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

two years ago when i started back up at my college (after almost four years away, aaaaah!), i was super excited because there was a kick-ass food court on campus. well, because god hates me, that first day back i was all ready to order up some orange chicken from panda express between classes--only--horror of horrors--the food court was closed down and then demolished. it took them two years to build the new one--two years i had to either bring a lunch, starve, or buy something so greasy it slid right off the counter of the 'roach coach' and into my hands. today i got to eat at the new food court! because my campus is ultra-PC, we have food from all over the world represented--sushi, chinese, all-american, and coming soon: mexican, juice/smoothies, and ice cream. oh, for the love of god! food court, i sing thy praises! anyhow, today i had a two-item chinese food combo. it wasn't entirely gross, but passable. sub-par chow mein, sadly. oh well. thursday i go back to try the uber-trendy boba drink. i would go back now, but i don't want to shoot my wad in one attempt, you know what i mean?

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