what i had for lunch

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

My car was 6000 miles over the due mileage for an oil change. Taco bell was across the street, so I had taco bell, and i tried one of the burritos in the new "fresco" way, which basically just means now cheese, add tomatoes and cilantro. It was fine. This taco bell does give you jalapeno peppers if you ask for them, which is a nice extra. they also have green sauce on the condiment bar (do all TBs do that?) I'm disappointed that noone thought it necessary to comment on my grandfather's use of "wassup."
yesterday i had a subway veggie burger with wow doritos, dr pepper and an oatmeal raisan cookie.

Monday, October 27, 2003

so i was real popular at lunch today. donna wanted to get lunch, she leaves tommorow, and this dude and my mom wanted me to eat with her and this lady.

i went with donna and the dude. i got a club sandwich that i didnt like very much. too often the meat on sandwiches has too many gross parts. i kind of picked at it and ate most of the potato salad.
I had a roast beef sandwich. I also wanted to include one line from my incurably sweet grandfather's email:

"Well, you probably know all that I have bored you with here because I know you keep in close touch with your Mom & Dad, but direct from here that is "wassup."

Take good care--Love, Grandpa"

Friday, October 24, 2003

my boss and i had to go to durham to meet one of our clients. we went to lunch at el rodeo which is a mexican restauant ted and i frequent. my favorite waitor was looking at me all weird cause i was there with a strange guy. i think he thought i was cheating. i had a chicken quesadilla, rice and a beef burrito- sweet tea to drink. my boss paid cause we talked about work the whole time. it was great.
i had a philly cheasesteak sandwhich. i think the word "cheasesteak" is pretty gross, but the sandwhich was sure good.
I had leftover pizza from wednesday.. It gives me horrible bad breath.
my mom is going to a seminar with these ladies from her church. it looks heinous. its all flashy and tacky and in an amphitheatre. its like a modern revival i guess. but its only for women. anyway i had to drop her off to meet them and so i ate at her house. had a roast beef sandwich. it was really good, but she only had grape tomatoes so it took a long time to cut them all.
i don't remember what the hell i had for lunch, but i sure know i ate a whole medium pizza for dinner. you guys have been talking about pizza for days now, and i've been all "no fat-no cheese-no carbs-no FUN" and also PMSing and overwrought with drama--so i caved and ate pizza. and ate and ate and ate pizza. and it was goooooood.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

today, another one of our printer / fulfillment houses had an open house. we took a tour at this one, so that we could be registered to win a plasma tv. while on the tour they announced tickets numbers and I WON! though, it was not the plasma tv. i won one of those chairs in a bag that you take to tailgate parties and i won a zippo flashlight that can cut through your window and your seat belt. we ate lots of delicious food. i got a goodie bag that has a compass/ can opener/ bottle opener, etc and a cup and a pad of paper and a beer cozi. and at the end of the tour we registered for the plasma tv. we did not stay for the drawing which was at 2:00pm, but i have not heard anything yet so i guess i did not win. i am really surprised i did not win the tv. i fully expected to.
so miss elizabeth called and said she had 2 seconds for lunch and could i come with... we went to max's after me not able to think of anyplace and her stressing me about it bad.

i had spanokopita and greek salad, she had this lamb gyro looking thing and greek salad. i told her that they sold the salad dressing in the ingles's and she could probably buy it. she didnt seem impressed.

the waiter was a dullard.

we were in a tight corner with a group of large loud ladies.

it ruled.
three soft tacos were on the menu today

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

today i took the shuttle down to the other side of 16th street so i could have some noodles & co. noodles is another colorado based chain like chipolte and quizznos. i got the mushroon stroganoff.
With all ginni's pizza talk I have been really craving pizza all the time. I went to Sylvia's pizza on hillsborough Street. It was really crowded, which is unusual, and booths have been added. I had to share a table with other people who were eating alone. My slices were one sliced tomato and one pineapple. I'm waiting for the hives to start appearing, but I dont see them yet.
today i had chicken fingers from wendys with chipotle dipping sauce and a side salad with reduced fat ranch. then i had a small slice of spinach and tomato pizza that was left over from a meeting that everyone was in but me. i am also drinking water. yummy.
yesterday i had a country ham biscuit and hashbrowns with a dr. pepper from buscuitville. i drove to the biscuitville in thomasville during my lunch break to do a sister exchange with my mom. somehow the keys to my moms car keys got locked in the car. i ended up taking a 4 hour lunch as a result, i was hoping to only take a 3 hour lunch. (thomasville is about 1.5 hours from raleigh). i took my sister to the airport in raleigh. i miss her already.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I had a ham sandwich, chips, cherry pie and ice cream. It was good!
Although it was completely messy, I had a delicious balsamic mushroom provolone burger with crosstie fries. My fingers smell like burger now. I also had two doughnuts for breakfast.

Monday, October 20, 2003

t.o.t.a.l.l.y. b.o.r.i.n.g.: leftover lemon-garlic roasted chicken (yeah, i roasted the darn little chicken myself), steamed broccoli and some grilled yellow squash. it was so boring the cat wasn't interested in cleaning the plate after, and i was so unsatisfied i braved the crowds at trader joe's and bought a big ol hunk of ghiradelli dark chocolate. i ate the whole thing throughout the course of the afternoon while i watched the abc family channel. even gorgeous supermodels like me have moments of weakness.
today i had a quiznos brand classic italian submarine sandwitch. it was eh.
Grilled chicken sandwich and a free order of FF. I keep winning free food in the Monopoly game and am forced to continue eating there to claim my free food. I know I know its a forced slow death trap that i am jumping in to feet first.
i had belgian waffles with walnuts. me and adrienne had to put up posters all over town and it was boiling hot.
today i had my left overs from my free meal at macaroni grill last night. i had chicken cutlet with artichokes, mushrooms, capers and procuitto, with thin spaghetti all in a lemon butter sauce. i even had part of the appetizer so i shared that with my co-workers (it was the shrimp/spinach/artichoke dip). it was delish. i told the story of the free meal and i think i inspired a few people to head over to the macaroni grill tonight.

Friday, October 17, 2003

i made my protein burgers again today, but this time i went the extra mile and tried to come up with my own sort of secret sauce to put on them. but i can't fool anyone, even myself: i just stirred some fat free mayo with some relish and ketchup and told myself "shhh, it's a secret." the trouble was that the ground meat looked a little brownish when i took it out of the fridge, and i tried to smell test it, but not knowing what fresh ground meat should really smell like, i cooked it up anyhow. just the thought of having eaten bad ground meat has kind of put a knot in my stomach. either that or the combo of bad meat and fake secret sauce has conspired in my intestines to kill me.
i was starving and wanted something with a caesar salad and crusty rolls. since no one would go to lunch with me i had to eat alone so i settled for a chicken cordon bleu meal from arbys. it was a far cry from what i wanted. but...delish.
i had 2 cheeseburgers. I am determined to win a mega prize in the monopoly game. i deserve it, dammit. today in the mainly hispanic african-american mcdonalds i frequent, the jayhawks were being played on the radio. its one thing to hear these things on a commercial or shopping mall, but its really diconcerting at the major fast food at the local HBCU.
today our printer / fulfillment company had a free bbq party for lunch. all of their clients were invited. the guy that i work with that was running through the fair yesterday got up and played guitar with the bluegrass band that was entertaining us. it was hillarious. the food was great.

one of the upstairs neighbors from ted's old apartment was there. this is the one that i was obsessed with because he and his wife used to get in the loudest fights and it seemed like they were kinda beating on each other a little. and she had the LOUDEST sobs. i think its because she was french and wanted attention. i don't think they were abusive, just dramatic. nevertheless, my active imagination always had someone bound and gagged and left to die in the closet. at least until i saw them the next day.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

i had a philly cheassteak sandwhich and vinegar and salt potato chips. their wasn't a fair in my town.
not that i can follow up the previous, ten times more interesting story but: my mom lured me home with zuchinni bread just to force me to eat MORE CHICKEN SALAD!! if i never see chicken salad again it will be too soon. well... until next week or something.

so the fair is like a walking case of heartburn. At this special fair day is really eerie cause everyone walking around is wearing business clothes with their ID badge around their neck. I felt bad that it worked out that ginni couldnt go with her coworkers she just had to hang out with me. At one point when we wear chowing down using a pickup truck bed as our table this person came up to us wondering if we were still hiring employees for our booth. Ginni and i were both flabbergasted and slightly horrified/thrilled to be mistaken for fair employeed. Its like we smelled like cabbage or something.

So Ginni had a ham biscuit from one of the church booths for the first meal while I had chili cheese fries. My fries were so disappointing they were school cafeterial style which just wasnt cutting it. Ginni's biscuit was pretty good. I think i would have put some hot sauce or mustard on it though.

For the second course we split these Giant onion rings. they were about an inch thick withthe flaky breading not like the crumbly BK breading. They were a good choice. While we were in line there was this big argument between the employees over how to fix the peppers onions & sausage they were all yelling back and forth at each other while they were dripping sweat from the grills heat.
- I need sausage just peppers
- come get em its ready

and so on.

For dessert we had Fried Dough kind of elephant ear style not funnel cake style with chocolate and powdered sugar. It was good, but it was only lukewarm and after the burning onion rings it seemed kind of cold. and we were already stuffed so we could only finish 3/4 of it.

Now i'm sitting here in pain.
i almost drive teds f-150 truck to work. he is picking up my sister at the airport and driving her to charlotte and he was going to take my car cause the gas is so much cheaper. i was THRILLED with the idea of taking his truck to work today because of what you are about to read:

the state fair opens tomorrow and goes until the 26th. the day before the state fair opens (today) you can go to the fairgrounds, get in for free and eat all the fair food. they do this so that people can come and judge the concessions for the best of. you have to pay for the food, but its cool cause you get to walk around and see all the new sites for the year and eat all the delicious food. you can not ride the rides though. my work is beside the fair grounds so all of us have been planning to go together. i roped elizabeth into going because i knew she would LOVE the idea of going to the fair for free. with ted's truck, i was gonna haul everyone in the back. i ended up not getting the truck cause he did not have time to bring it over before picking up my sister, but i did get to wear his f-150 belt buckle to work today. it looks fabulous with my tuxedo shirt that i was going to take back.

we had a blast at the fair: best part: seeing one of my co-workers in running clothes jogging through the fair as elizabeth and i stuffed our faces

worst part: seeing this guy that i have seen around raleigh a few times before. he seems really, really nice. his face is burnt pretty badly and it looks like it is melting. i feel sorry for him. he seems to be happy though, which makes me happy.

elizabeth and i rode separately from my co-workers. none of them are back yet. elizabeth'll blog about what we ate. i already have heartburn.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

taco bell. dos double deckers por favor.
my mom just did a luncheon and made WAY too much chicken salad. so shes been insisting i eat the chicken salad for every meal.
its totally delish. but im sick of it.
Large wendy's chili and a baked potato. I ate the skin, which is always a toss up when you get a potato at wendys or golden corral or wherever you can imagine slimy hands mangling the potatoes.
today i had a bear rock box lunch. it was pretty good. i had the rising sunflower which is a turkey sandwich with some good stuff on it, chips and a cookie. i was going to eat some chicken, brussels sprouts, and spinach that ted made for me last night, but my boss was gonna be late for an in house client lunch meeting so he begged me to go and bribbed me with lunch. it was an easy way to score, so i said okay. tomorrow i have a lunch appointment that i don't want to talk about until tomorrow and friday i am going to get bbq, so i am going to take my chicken home to eat for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

i'm not sure i technically had "lunch". because of my class schedule i end up having snacks before and after a normal lunchtime, so in my 11:40-1:20 class i ate a carrot, and after my next class got out at 3:10 i had an apple and some cottage cheese with pineapple. oh, and a luna bar--chocolate peppermint stick flavor. to borrow a chevy-ism, those are delish!
today i had chili and an oatmeal and creme cookie.
chicken soup from Wild Oats and a ham sandwich. pretty good overall.
my friend scott is in town from england. we went to this fancy restaurant we hung out at in highschool. i was jonesing for the cobb salad. its so good you wanna cry about it. im dying to take ginni there one day.
after eating too much of my turkey sub I couldnt eat the chips I bought or the cookie i coveted. Oh well. I think im going to be too stuffed to eat dinner.

Monday, October 13, 2003

i went to lunch with my co-workers cause i did not feel like eating chili by myself. i went to a mexican restaurant and i had a spicy beef burrito. it was my first time there with them so i was required to by the cheese sauce for everyone. its funny that chevy had a dr. pepper with her lunch, because i decided i was going to have one today as well- i also never drink them- but the machine did not have it so i was disappointed.
week two of the healthy life started today. for lunch i had a grilled salmon patty, with some steamed broccoli and leftover grilled tofu. i would cut off my arm to have a bacon cheeseburger, milk shake, onion rings and a slab of chocolate cake. but i don't want to go around with one arm, so i'll stick to the healthy life.
the office manager forgot to ask me if i wanted anything from mcdonalds when she went, which is just as well, you know. but i had gross-o healthy choice frozen dinner, some honey mustard chicken and vegetables. HC is a terrible brand of frozen food, and i bought two of them months ago when it was on sale and have been putting off eating it, because the first one I ate was supposed to be chicken but it tasted like fish. yuck. today's was like eating crap covered in a slimy film which is now all over my mouth. I'm gonna have to go next door and get a mcflurry to cover it up. can you tell i'm still hungover and cranky form this weekend?
i really wanted an iceburg lettuce salad with runny ranch dressing. kind of a school lunch salad. i went to this lunch counter and got one. the chicken on it was great. it hit the spot for awhile, but i got sick of it halfway thru. i also had a dr. pepper which i never get.
I had chicken enchiladas today. I'm home for Columbus Day, so I decided to be productive and cook something for the week.

Friday, October 10, 2003

i had another naked fajita today. the best kind of fajitas are the hot steaming naked kind.
i went with brian to get mexican. ... him and me always get mexican cos randy hates it. i was kind of a pain to the waitress on accident. it was delish, but the portions were too small. this explains how it was so cheap. i spent most of the meal complaining about randys selfishness.
Lean Cusine beef stroganoff. It was just alright. Tonight, I'm going to make my famous curry, so I have something to look forward too.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

the two cups of coffe i had in the morning killed my appetite. today i had a seasame bagel with plain creamchease, locks, red onions and capers. its good but it makes your hands smell like fish.
i had a wieght watchers veggie pizza. it was alright. it wouldve been better in the oven than the microwave. my mom had made pumpkin bread tho and it was still warm and totally delish.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

i used my snazzy new george foreman grill to make some 'steak' (fancy word for cheap meat) that was rubbed in garlic, i steamed some mustard greens and then put lemon juice on them, had some grilled red onions, and 'treated' myself to a small portion of mashed sweet potato. oh, and don't forget the glass of fat-free milk.

baby needs to be famous, and she ain't gonna do it looking like natalie from the facts of life.
I have been eating junk all day. My co-workers organized a suprise birthday breakfast for me today and we have been eating ever since. We've had bagels, brownies, babka, fruit, on and on. I'm on such an unbelievable sugar high, which hasn't been helped by the two cups of coffee I've downed to keep warm in this cold, cold office.
i had this filthy swedish meatballs lean cuisine. i also had a delicious brownie.
we had "wraps" delivered to our office today. I hate the increase of the word wrap as a food source. It took a freaking hour and a half to get here because it was raining and they are one of the only places downtown that deliver. I had (#53) one with chicken cream cheese tomatoes onions jalapenos and ranch with salsa "dipping sauce," also a terrible name that has seen an increased use on menus.

taco supremo salad from wendys. its accross the street. i do love it, but i would not eat it as much if it wasn't accross the street.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

same thing as yesterday. eggplant pizza.
i had a philly chease steak from the great escape. it was good but i don't think it was enough. i'll think i'm gonna go for a coke and a bag of chips now too.
Turkey, avocado and lettuce on a hoagie roll, cheese Nips and a Cheerwine. My dad brought me a 12 pack from NC and it's been the highlight of lunch this week and last.
i got a tuna salad sandwich and a cup of tomato cheddar basil soup from lorettas. my mom asked me to bring her lunch this morning so i got her a chicken salad sandwich and a cup of oriental chicken soup. i got both cos i thought she might want to switch. she didnt like either soup. i had to bring it to the store where she works and one lady called me the earring girl and my mom kept calling me a hero. it was embarrassing.
At my fave lunch restaurant they have daily specials, and its the only eatery that i dont have a set menu item, and i throw myself to the special gods and eat whatever is that days featured item. today was grilled roast beef and cheddar with 1000 island on sourdough bread with rasberry dijon pasta salad and a pickled carrot. i really wanted the other special but it contained pineapple. it was tasty, but im leaving grease marks on the keyboard again.

Monday, October 06, 2003

today i had eggplant pizza. the pizza was left over from a date that megan and ted had on saturday night. i was working at the catering place and i came home and ted was sitting in the tv chair and megan was all laid out on the couch. they rented movies and ate pizza together. i am slowly being replaced in my relationship by megan. she will win all of ted's affections because she eats less pizza so he doesn't have to compete as much for the food. oh well. at least they weren't wearing footed pjs and sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn between them like they planned.
i had a pressed sandwhich (panini) from presstos. haha. that's dumb.
i am dedicating my life to being a whole new me. bye bye fast food, grease, fat, carbs, soda, sugar, cookies... ugh. so, the new me just ate lunch: grilled steak on wilted greens (mustard greens, raddiccio and another green whose name i totally can't remember but it always shows up in fancy salads). i wilted the greens in some garlic, and put spices on the meat, like ginger and allspice. i must admit, it's yummy. and water. i'm drinking loads of water. yay for the new me!
chicken bacon onion pesto pizza, delivered to the office. we ate in the conference room on placemats and it seemed very civilized.
i had a lean cuisine lasagna at my parents house. i also had one of these brownies my mom made. she made them from this recipe i insist is not as good as the one she used to use. she has gotten to be all i told you so about it tho cos theyre so good it hurts.

Friday, October 03, 2003

i had a bento (japanese for box lunch). you get them from the bentobar cart on 16th street. basicly its teriyaki chicken and grilled veggies with soy sauce and spice on a bed of brown rice. it pretty healthy and only costs $5.
I had beef stroganoff from the lunch cart. It was kind of gross.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

so it was back to the campus food court for me today. i thought i'd play it safe this time and go for carl's junior. (oh dear, are those all over the country?) only the line was the most hideous experience, very long and complicated. so much so that i half expected to board space mountain when my turn was up. it also was lousy in that i had to be in line and avoid being recognized by two fellow english department students. one of them is this really super annoying girl who wears velvet flowered shirts and loves to tell the story of how one professor spent the whole quarter calling her racist. i was so thrilled that she chose the time in line to tell the story... again. anyhow, it was impossible to go wrong with my western bacon cheeseburger (meat! cheese! bbq sauce! bacon! onion rings!) with a side of criss-cut fries and a big old rootbeer. as if carl's junior wanted to compensate for the line situation, i discovered a single piece of fried zucchini inside my fries sleeve. total bonus.
during lunch i went back to durham so that i could put gel in ted's eye, on the way to the apartment i went to burger king to get lunch for us. i got a chicken sandwhich combo for me and i got ted the whopper combo with bacon and cheese, i doubled it and held the onions. when i got home, ted opened the bag and he saw "no pickle" on the label. he opened the sandwich and it was a single, no bacon, no cheese. totally wrong. i felt like a failure, but i was assertive in my statement that i ordered it right. we looked further in the bag, and guess what?? they gave us 2 burgers! ted's real burger was in there too. he ate both of them. he was totally high on painkillers (cause of the eye thing) and was telling me about watching ally mcbeal and 90210.

i ate as fast as i could and went back to the office. i did all of this in 1:10. pretty fast, huh? i live about 25 minutes from where i work.
I just ate lunch with my best friend from elementary school. i havent seen her since 1991, and she was just the same so it was pretty great. she lives here in denver and i met her and her workmates at India House on Blake Street. Tomorrow I am meeting my other best friend from elem. school. They werent friends with each other when i lived there, they just knew each other through me, but then they got to HS and became best friends and moved to Denver together. I think I saw this second girl in about 1996, and our parents are still best friends. Its so weird to meet all these people on lunch breaks from a business meeting.
Akai Hana leftovers, specifically, tempura udon. I ate all the tempura last nite, but the noodles were still good, and some of the fried stuff was left over in the broth, a bit mushy but still flavorful. Akai Hana is the best Japanese restaurant in north carolina, carrboro shouldn’t be so lucky.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Here in denver we wandered around and tried to go to some place called Lime that someone recommended. but it was closed so we went o some place with a two word name that i forget. it was a cuban place and i had shredded meat with black beans and rice and fried plantain and some kind of plantain chip for dessert.
Combo sushi box from Kroger....what was I thinking?
i went to salsa fresh with a co-worker. he bought my lunch because i gave him some northern exposure vhs tapes. i got a vegeterian burrito, chimighanga style (which means fried) and a coke. i have never had a fried burrito before. it sure was good.


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