what i had for lunch

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

ok, so one quarter of the school year with the new cafe-terror-ium and i'm sick of it. now, let's say i was the kind of girl who had her shit together. had that been the case i'd have brought with me a nutritious and satisfying lunch with me to campus today. but, no, not my style. so i went for the potential nightmare of campus chinese food. only i wised up and picked dishes that i thought were simple and had minimal ingredients: beef with broccoli and bbq pork. and, i'll admit, it was delish. they hacked and cleavered the pork into manageable chunks right before my eyes, and i'll tell ya, it was the best damn fast food pork experience of my life. now, ultimately, we'll see how this lunch fares if and when it repeats itself on me later. and you all know what i mean. back to studying for finals...

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