what i had for lunch

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

i was supposed to have lunch with stalker eliz today. i didnt know if she'd show cos she bailed yesterday. so i was talking to FN in front of his work and SE found me there. I think she thinks i was throwing her over for FN but i wasnt ... it was just a coincidence that he we were talking and he ended up joining us.

we went to an old place with new owners. our waiter was my ex-extremely-loud-upstairs-neighbour. i hope he didnt spit in my food.

i had this great grilled chicken salad with creamy dill dressing. SE had bbq ( as usual) and the FN had a reuben. later when i tried to cash in on SE's pickle she told me that she only got a sandwich for the pickle. i only got the salad for the dill dressing.

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