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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm sneaking in a breakfast post today. I've been dying to go the the Western Steak House in Burlington, but we always thought it would be too expensive, or we were too dirty, etc. Its always packed too. I should not have worried. The inside is divided up into these weird rooms, probably 4 of them, maybe more, I couldnt see. Most of them are smoking, one small one is non-smoking. Its full of old people. I start to look at the menu, and for a second think i was given the wrong menu, an old outdated one. The M-F breakfast special is: 2 eggs, a sausage pattie (their spelling, not mine), biscuit or toast, potatoes or grits. $1.60. $1.60! I got that with potatoes and biscuits for Noah, and Noah got bacon, 2 eggs, grits, a side of gravy, toast, a side of tomatoes and we got two coffees. $7.25. We decided Burlingotn was a developing country compared to metropolitan NC.

for lunch I had a blt salad and megan had a garden salad and french fries. I stole a pickle from our boxes box, he went home sick earlier this morning and didn't eat his lunch.

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