what i had for lunch

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

i'm going to try something a little different today and do a future lunch post. in approximately 13 minutes i'm going to take a company truck and drive to chipotle to meet my friend casey for shitty "mexican" "food". i will get the chicken fajita burrito and it will be satisfying at first, and by satisfying in mean filling because those bastard burritos are huge, but i will regret this decision to eat at chipotle later on today. i will also be tempted to get a chocolate chip cookie and will probably give in to the temptation because i've been doing that a lot lately.

i will take the company truck and tell the dude that drove us to the office, the bi-polar guy i work with out in the field, that i have to take the truck to meet my stock broker, which is not a complete fabrication because casey is indeed a stock broker, but he's also the lead guitarist in the nancy drews and we won't talk about stocks and bonds at all. oh no, we'll just talk band stuff.

beware of chipotle, it is an anal-annhilator, a colon-crusher, a rectal-wrecker.

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