what i had for lunch

Friday, September 24, 2004

megan and i were supposed to meet ted and ginni for lunch, but then ted bailed on us for some monkeys. somehow Hooters became the restaraunt of choice. When Ginni's coworkers realized where she was going they all tagged along. We had to wait a LOOONNNG time. It felt kind of ridiculous to wait 30 minutes for hooters. Apparently our waitress was really dumb, or really new. I couldn't hear that well, and just quit trying. Everyone kind of got mesmerized by the atmosphere, and everyone watched their own personal flat screen tv showing sportscenter and poker.
It took forever, and we ended up taking a two hour lunch. then our boss showed up, and was eating by himself so megan sent him over an Icehouse.

I had the flappertizer, a side salad, and baked beans. and ginni's coworker's leftover cold fry ends.

I feel totally barfy.

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