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Thursday, July 29, 2004

I tried the new Wendy's low carb meal.  The Tuscan Chicken or something equally dumb named.  it comes with a diet coke and a ceasar side salad, no croutons.  It was WAY too expensive over 6$ and the price isnt on the drive thru menu so I was flabbergasted when he said the total.  they dont have these meals at every Wendy's, and  I think i figured out the system.  They are only at Wendy's near office parks.  So it was pretty tasty with lots of melted parmesan cheese (the same as they put on the caesar salads,  and grilled vegetables, and a chicken breast, probably leftover grilled chicken sandwich patties.  It tasted a lot like airplane food, and even came in the same type tray.  I like airplane food though.

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