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Thursday, November 11, 2004

virginia invited me to lunch with her coworkers again today. She had a Lucy's card, which gave us 20% off of our lunch at Cafe Carolina. However, using the Lucy's card proved harder than it would seem. But finally I got the Chicken Salad in a Bowl. The chicken salad there is real dilly, and good. I used to order it on a crossiant with cucumbers added, and that was terrific. The bowl isn't quite as good as that, but it does come with a cheese/veggie skewer, and of course, skewers make everything better. I also ordered a side of potato salad b/c last time I got the bowl o' lunch it was not very much and i was concerned about being hungry. But the food preparer this time scooped on the goodness so now I have enough for lunch tomorrow too.

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