what i had for lunch

Thursday, December 21, 2006

to make it one post for this whole year:

I had Wendy's cause I was driving all over town looking for a present for a white elephant party. Who knew you were supposed to buy something for a white elephant party? I thought you dug around the bottom of your closet and threw it in a bag. But they said "no more than twenty dollars" and I thought "well zero dollars is less than 20" but then Noah bought this mug that is a pig head dressed in red white and blue colonial clothes that the handle to the mug is the pigtail or pig's ponytail and shamed me. It really is a reenactor pig mug.

So I bought a troll dressed as an elf baby and you can open the flap on the pajamas to reveal his butt.

And spicy chicken combo. I know! the wheat! the horror! Screw me disease, I wanted some fuckin mayo on a sandwich.

If either of us come home with the present the other bought this is the last white elephant party I'm ever going to.

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