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Friday, February 06, 2004

i'm ready to blow up because i just took myself out to my new favorite place: todai sushi buffet. ok, yeah, i know a sushi buffet might sound kind of raunchy, but it's actually rather fabulous. there's tons of non-raw-fish asian food, as well as all sorts of salads, a smiling man with a gold tooth who makes crepes and says "mmmm, tasty" when he hands one to you, and a cute section of bite sized desserts like mocha cake, white chocolate and almond tart, creme puffs and more. i totally pigged out on the sushi, the tempura, the "mmmm, tasty" crepe and some desserts. (p.s. sorry i haven't been posting lately. you know, crap to do and all. you understand. but i must add, food in new york city is both delish and affordable.)

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