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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i went to vegas last weekend and had lunch at my favorite spot to have lunch in all of vegas -- paymon's medditerranean cafe / hookah lounge. i've been going there for almost five years now and the quality of food has never diminished, although the service is not always the bomb.

the food is gourmet (without the gourmet price tag) and i always get the same thing but i've sampled other people's stuff so i know that it's not just what i'm getting that's good. so yet again i got the roasted red pepper and feta in pita, which also has cucumber, red onion, lettuce, and tzaziki sauce (i think). you gotta order the fries seperately, but whatever you do, don't forget the fries cuz they're totally awesomely spiced and they come with this mayonnaise-based dipping sauce that is also spicey and insanely radical to the taste bud.

oh yeah for an appetizer we had the hummus and pita and my only complaint would be more kalamata olives.

so after a spectacular dinner you can head right across the small courtyard to the hookah lounge for happy hour (half off hookahs, beers, and cocktails) from 5 to 7. this is so worth it, it would blow your freaking mind. sorry this post is so long, but if you ever find yourself in vega$, be sure and hit up medditerranean cafe and hookah lounge because they will rock your world for reals.

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