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Monday, October 04, 2004

Some info on members --

I think that out of regular posters we have mostly people from NC (from various parts of the state), and Hubs and now LSE, in Denver.

Irregular posters include people in OR, CA, DC, and more people in NC. But our membership has never meant to be exclusive, or limited. We have been regularly known to link to restaurant web sites, especially if we have been unhappy with the experience. We were the top hit for "Moe's Southwest Grill Sucks" for a long time, which I was proud of, especially since I really hate the place.

Spelling is often bad by all members. Because of this, we regularly get hits by people looking for our misspelled versions of recipes. I recently added a site meter to the bottom.

It is often incredibly boring. This fact is not lost on the authors, in fact, this is often reveled in.

The original authors chose to not link back to individual blogs from the homepage, for reasons I don't remember. We could change it, but I don't really see any reason too.

I'm glad that this is over a year old. I still think that its hilarious at times, and hope we continue. Welcome to new members. And I promise that just because we are sometimes mean to Hubs, it doesn't meanwe are really that mean.

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