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Monday, October 11, 2004

yesterday we fired up the grill and I totally burnt the crap out of some porkchops. Mine was inedible, Noah and Henry could eat most of theirs. To get some use out of the charcoals, we stuck a chicken on the grill and roasted it. It came out pretty delicious. I stuck it in the table top convection (aka the nacho machine) for 30 minutes at the end when teh coals had died down.

I made chicken salad with the breasts last night and had chicken salad tacos for lunch today. It was pretty good, but could have used some more flavor. I also had a Lance Peanut Bar for dessert, which is pretty much pure sugar.

Megan had some pasta (maybe rigatoni?) in a marinara sauce with some fake ground meat. It wasn't a very big portion. She also had a carmel apple someone brought in to the office last week.

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